What patients are saying about us...

What patients are saying about us...

Manish L. Parmar

I pray that Vaidyaji’s treatment for Pancreatitis reaches the ENTIRE WORLD and Vaidyaji one day gets a NOBLE PRIZE for this discovery.

Nabaneeta Guha

I took a chance and could feel the change after four months..

Nayanika Nandi

She is still under Shikha madam's care & treatment. Her breathing problem is cured & she doesn't have such frequent throat infections. We feel happy & ever indebted to Vaidya Balendu ji & Vaidya Shikha ji & their entire team at Padaav. They are the reason, my daughter can breathe comfortably & also has started singing once again!! Thanks a whole lot!!

Hitesh Makheeja

I heard about Vaidya Balendu Prakash's speciality in Migraine and Liver disease. In the very first meeting, Vaidya Ji told me that he will cure both my diseases. And he was true to his words!

Dr Abhijit Patil

Vaidyaji and Shikhaji and their constant endeavour to heal patients with pancreatitis is next to none and really admirable. They give patients with pancreatitis a hope and confidence to lead a normal life. I will be thankful to them for whole of my life.

Prabhjyot K Madan

I am now headache free. I exercise daily. I have returned to my work. I have started socializing and my family is so much happier now. In short Vaidyaji and Shikhaji helped me get back to life.

Sakshi Saini

Vaidyaji’s treatment came as a blessing to me and I cannot thank him and his team enough..

Geetanjali Bisht

We visited Dehradun and met Vaidya Shikha Prakash. She started my treatment. I am able to feel a lot of difference because of the medicines. Sometimes I take painkillers but my injections have completely stopped. I am still continuing the treatment.

Arun Gourisaria

. I had completely given up on my life. Then, a miracle occurred in my life and I came across Ayurveda Migraine Clinic, Dehradun under Vaidya Balendu Prakash and Vaidya Shikha Prakash. Under their treatment, I did not take a single painkiller

Prathiba Jayaram

. It is a miracle that after all these years of suffering and visiting India several times, I finally found out about Vaidyaji and his migraine treatment. As a researcher and pharmacist in the US, I admire Vaidyaji’s applied research and treatment of migraine and other chronic diseases and wish him lots of success in all his endeavours.

Sarmeet Kaur

I am completely off medicines now and my condition has improved greatly. I am glad that I could finally find a treatment for my disease. I would suggest anybody who has migraine to take treatment from Padaav.

Ankita Parwani

I am very thankful to Vaidyaji for curing my chronic migraine. Thank you Vaidyaji!

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