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I pray that Vaidyaji’s treatment for Pancreatitis reaches the ENTIRE WORLD and Vaidyaji one day gets a NOBLE PRIZE for this discovery.


My both darling daughters Yashvi and Diya have suffered from chronic pancreatitis from a very young age.


Yashvi had been in pain since she was 5 yrs old and was misdiagnosed here in Kenya. In 2011 we brought her to Hyderabad to a world renown hospital where one of the best doctors in gastroenterology treated her and advised that this condition had no permanent cure and life style management was the way to keep her going (we made various visits to Hyderabad thereafter). Her pain and attacks reduced but after a year or two again the attacks repeatedly started every two weeks. Severe pain and going without food for several days.


Diya similarly had attacks when she was 5 yrs old and was diagnosed with pancreatitis in 2014. We took her to Hyderabad and they were unable to assist as the pancreas attacks were still fresh and they could only repair the pancreas after damage. They advised that there is no cure for gene mutation thus attacks cannot be stopped. She had repeated attacks every two weeks. Severe pain and going without food for several days.


With God’s grace I came across the website of Paadav and was impressed to note that there was indeed a cure for pancreatitis. I had to take this chance rather than see my daughters suffer. By this time they were both suffering from malnutrition, drastically had lost weight and were in bad shape (The whole family was suffering seeing the pain of these two little angels). We travelled for the first time from Kenya to the lovely city of Dehradun. Both my daughters were admitted at the same time for the 21 days treatment at Paddav. It was not less than miracle to note that the attacks stopped after a few days of starting the treatment and started feeding on a good variety of food, ghee, Indian sweets and cakes. After the treatment was over for one year we continued with the recommended diet, rest (Avoided school for a few months) and medication. My second daughters treatment was slightly extended.


Believe it or not. As we talk today both my daughters have been COMPLETELY cured. NO attacks.

Yashvi leaves a great lifestyle, eats normal food, goes clubbing, school trips and now proceeding overseas to University.

Diya has gained over 10 kgs since the treatment started. She is completely fine and now starting school next term to join the great lifestyle her sister is living.

I have no words to thank Padaav Ayurvedic Treatment Centre. I believe only the LUCKY ones find this place. I have always wished this treatment is more known to the world and many patients can be relieved of their agony from this Curable sickness permanently. Vaidya Balendu Prakash and Vaidya Shikha have proved that in Ayurveda there is a cure for everything.


I give my heartiest congratulations to the entire Team of PAADAV on the opening of the Speciality Ayurvedic Hospital for Pancreatitis. I pray that this treatment reaches the ENTIRE WORLD and Padaav one day gets a NOBLE PRIZE for this discovery.

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