Sarmeet Kaur​

Sarmeet Kaur

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

My name is Sarmeet Kaur and I live in Dehradun. I was a migraine patient before taking Ayurvedic treatment from Padaav. I had consulted many doctors in Dehradun and Delhi but there was no improvement in my condition. I had become tired of my life. I thought who would take care of my child and husband if something happened to me. I had become very depressed and used to stay confined in one room only. I had stopped going out completely. One day, I came across an article on Vaidya Balendu Prakash in the newspaper. I came to Padaav for treatment and met Vaidya Shikha. I told her about my condition and started crying. I told her that due to severe headache I had started feeling that I won’t remain alive. I used to have continuous pain since morning that remained for 3-4 days at a stretch. I had to take painkiller injections but that also did not help for long. I used to faint due to the pain. I used to have no idea how I was being taken to the doctor or brought back home.  After noting my details, Vaidya Shikha started my treatment. In the initial one month, I felt that the treatment was not helping me. But on my second visit, I was advised to pay more attention on strictly following the prescribed diet and routine. As I started doing so, I began to feel the improvement. Earlier I had to take a painkiller almost every single day. But after the second month of treatment, I have taken only one painkiller in one month that too when someday I altered my routine and diet. I am completely off medicines now and my condition has improved greatly. I am glad that I could finally find a treatment for my disease. I would suggest anybody who has migraine to take treatment from Padaav.

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