Medical Services

Personalized prescription and guidelines

Every patient has different symptoms. At Padaav, we consider every symptom of every patient individually. Every patient is prescribed medicines and diet to suit his/her needs!

Daily communication with your vaidyas

Patients are instructed to send daily mails with details of diet, lifestyle and symptoms. This helps us keep a track of your improvement on daily basis and guide you better throughout the treatment period.

Proper documentation of all patient data and reports

We understand that it can be cumbersome to carry all your files on every visit. We document each case and keep copies all medical records with us.

In-house diagnostic centre

We have in-house diagnostic services for blood tests provided by trusted experts (Lal Path Labs).

Therapy room (Panchkarma)

There is a panchkarma unit for treatment of patients who are prescribed therapies like nasya, shirodhara, basti etc.

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