Now I sleep like a baby

My name is Yvan Wolfer and I am from Switzerland. I am 50 years old. I have had Migraine for last 43 years. I have tried different kinds of treatments without result. I met Dr. Prakash in Switzerland and he gave me four months of Ayurvedic treatment but no visible results were seen.

When I called Dr. Prakash he suggested me to come to India for three weeks of indoor residential treatment. He also made me understand the failure of the treatment taken earlier which was improper lifestyle and diet.

When I reached Padaav A speciality Ayurvedic treatment centre, Mumbai. I got a severe attack of Migraine and had to stay on bed for 39 hours. I carried my allopathic medicines, but I avoided taking them, in a little while the intensity of pain reduced due to Ayurvedic regime at the centre and I felt better with time.

Earlier I couldnt sleep well because of my sleep but now I have a sound calm sleep. After coming to Padaav my pain remained around 20 30% but my body could bear the intensity. And this is a big relief to the previous intense migraine that I had been facing all my life. Dr. Kapil Pawar gave me Nasyam each day which has tremendously helped me. I wish to continue the process even when I am home.

On the completion of the treatment I feel confident to fight against migraine which my body couldnt bear earlier. I am really thankful to Dr. Prakash, Dr. Kapil and Padaav team for serving me.

Yvan Wolfer, 50 yrs, M
Switzerland, Europe