I had headache from primary class onwards

I am writing this letter in token of my gratitude for treating me for migraine through which I completely recovered. I had headache from primary class onwards and I tried various medicines; allopathy, homeo, ayurveda; one after another. There was no result. For the last three years, my headache reached its peak. When headache occurs, I had severe vomiting also. Hence, I had to take injections to reduce headache. Finally, it reached such a stage that even injections were not useful. At least once in a month, I was hospitalized. I was having 9 10 attacks every month during that time. I took many heavy doze tablets. Due to the side effects of all these, I became fat. I am working as a Teacher and I could not do justice in my family and professional life.

Through one of our family friends, Mr.Rajan Babu, we heard about Ayurvedic treatment for migraine. Along with my brother, I met Vd.S.Raghavendra Babu at Banglore in December 2010. After various tests, I was given medicines and we left. Along with medicines and food restrictions as advised by Vd. Babu, I continued the treatment. Every month, I sent updates to Vd.S.Raghavendra babu and he sent me medicines and directions which I complied with. I regularly spoke to him and he gave me confidence since I could talk to him at any time. For 6 months, I continued the treatment with food restrictions.

Now, I am almost completely recovered from my headache. I am very happy now and I am able to deliver my duties. I am indebted to the God and Vd.S.Raghavendra babu for this. For me, He is equal to God. I pray to God to give good health to him so that he can treat many of those who are suffering from various diseases for many years.

Vrinda Nandakumar
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