Since 15 years I am suffering with severe migraine

Namaste to all the audience in the auditorium at IISc in Bangalore. Since 15 years I am suffering with severe migraine. I tried all the other medical treatments but I did not get even a minimum relief and also I had spent lacks of rupees on it. Three years back I came to know about the Ayurvedic treatment by Vd. Balendu Prakash through my sister-in-law who is an ayurvedic doctor. I have undergone treatment, for the first time and 95% of migraine has been cured and again by the advice of doctor I had taken another course of the same medicine. Now almost my headache is cured. Since last 1 year I suffered only two times with headache and also that may be due to my irregular diet. Thanks to Dr. Balendu Prakash and Vd. Savitha for the better medicine in treating the migraine patients.

Uma Sailesh
Vidyanagar, Bellary District,
Mobile: 9448301151