From the past 25 years, I was suffering from headache

From the past 25 years, I was suffering from headache. I consulted famous doctor in Bangalore Dr. Mruthyunjaya and prescribed some medicines (name not known). I could not get complete relief from migraine. In the early days the headache lasted for 2-3 hours, and then the duration increased. I consulted many expert physicians in the course of time; I used to take 5-6 Dolopar Tab per day. My daily routine activities were disturbed. I lost cheerfulness and interest in life. I had even consulted Dr. Saroja Krishnamurthy and prescribed me tablets. When I took the medicine the relief was temporary . Again there was relapse of headache. I was frustrated and depressed and upset in my life. I had thought I would never get the relief from migraine throughout my life. Then I consulted Vd. Sunil Kumar whose house is next to our road. I followed the diet and took the prescribed medicines. Slowly I got relief from the headache. In 20 days nearly 60%, within 2 months 75- 80% of headache got relieved . Within 3 months 90% of illness is cured. Now I am following the restrictions given by Vd. Sunil Kumar, I really thank Vd. Sunil with my heart for giving a miraculous treatment.

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