Personal Experience with Ayurvedic treatment for Migraine

I hereby wish to inform about my experience with the subject treatment. I used to get migraine headache quite often, at least once a month with intense headache and vomiting etc. I used to take very strong allopathic tablets to put an end to the pain. Being a working woman, I used to face a lot of problems during these days and round lose a lot of working hours due to the headache.

I was then informed about the ayurvedic treatment and approached your clinic for the same. I have found a lot of relief after taking your treatment for the headache. I have not got the same kind of headache ever since I have taken the treatment. Moreover there has been a change in the lifestyle being led by me too. As advised by you, I have been going for 30 minute walks almost everyday and also taking a lot of vegetables, fruits, milk etc..

I feel that the ayurvedic treatment helps in healing migraine headache patients and there are no side effects after the treatment too. The cost is also very reasonable.

My personal details are already available with you in your file. You may feel free to seek any further relevant information from me.

Shamila M
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