I am suffering from migraine headache since four years

My name is Setu Laxmi resident of Warrangal city I am suffering from migraine headache since four years it was very acute and upset mental tranquility. We undergone treatment from eye specialist psychiatrist and there after consulted neurophysician and minimized to some extent TIZATAN-10 was prescribed for emergency use.

I came to know about a meet on migraine treatment appeared in newspaper and contacted Raghavendra Babu by a call. He advised to consult about Mallikarjun locally treatment we had from 27.11.2006 for four months even before we also took ayurvedic from Rangacharya and continued for one year.

The trouble first commenced with not less than 10 times in a month and remained for one or two days. After commencement of present treatment with Dr. Mallikarjun weekly once with 2 to 3 hours duration gradually minimized for duration of 10+15 days. There was also some period where there was no trouble at all we are still continuing treatment.

I am very much thankful to Dr. Mallikarjun for such a good medicine by which lakhs of migraine patients be cured permanently, I advised all the patients suffering from migraine to undergo this kind of treatment without any second thought. Yours faithfully

Setu Laxmi
W/o Narasimhan, H.No. 11-232-591/9/B, Navayuga Colony, Bank Colony, DSPT Road, District Warrangal A.P.,