Her miraculous recovery from Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis

She was admitted at Moulana Hospital, Perinthalmanna in Mallapuram, Kerala. There she was diagnosed for Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis after undergoing many investigations including X-RAY, ultrasound, CT scan of abdomen. She was treated with IV - fluids and painkillers and responded well. She remained asymptomatic for next two years. In year 1997, she again developed severe pain in abdomen with vomiting and substantial weight loss. She was hospitalized, received IV fluids, pain killer and improved. However, within a fortnight she again suffered with pain abdomen of same intensity and hospitalized for IV fluids and pain killers. But the frequency of attacks increased further in next two years. She used to spend 10-15 days every month in hospital and had nearly thirty attacks of abdominal pain. She also lost overall 20 kgs body weight during this period.

At this juncture she was referred by her treating gastroenterologist at Maulana Hospital to Vaidya Balendu Prakash and admitted under him at the Ayurvedic Research Unit in RCC, Trivandrum, Kerala on 3rd October 1999. She was pale, weak with only 30 kgs body weight and having unbearable abdominal pain (score 60%). Her X-RAY abdomen dated 6 October 1999 showed multiple opacities suggested calcification in pancreatic region and Ultrasound abdomen revealed enlarged pancreas 27/20/80 mm with irregular margins and multiple calculi of various sizes seen in head, body and tail region. She showed dramatic improvement within first week of Ayurvedic treatment and gained 1.5 kgs body weight with no pain. She continued Ayurvedic treatment since April 2000. During this period,She gained 12 kgs weight and remain asymptomatic.

Now she has completed 23 years after the stopping of Ayurvedic treatment. By God grace, She is doing absolutely normal without any sign and symptom of Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis. We are extremely thankful to the management and doctors of Maulana hospital for referring us to Vaidya Balendu Prakash. July 22, 2013

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