I started developing headache 4 years back

I am a high school headmistress. I started developing headache 4 years back. It started due to ill-health of my husband. Since then my headache went on increasing. To get relief from the headache I came to Bangalore to St. Johns Hospital and consulted neurologist and I also took medications from Hubli for 6 months but found no relief. If I ask the doctors about it they used to advice me to decrease the tensions. I am a working woman hence I found it difficult. Daily my headache used to start by afternoon and increase by evening. Increase to such an extent that it doesnt subside by having Dolopar tablet but subsides only after vomiting. Later I had no vomiting also. Life became so difficult because of my severe headache. I have taken injections several times. Due to increased vomiting, I have taken drips also. I had shown too many doctors but still found no relief from my symptoms. When my neighbour came to know about this, she gave me a paper cutting from the newspaper containing the add. Later I contacted Dr. Hema Desai and started taking sttreatment from Feb. 2006 for 3 months. In the 1 month of treatment 50% of my symptoms were reduced and gradually I got 80% relief. The remaining 20% relief I did not find due to not following the diet regimen, Now I feel that it is due to ayurvedic medication that my headache as decreased. The duration of treatment is right because I feel that any disease cannot be controlled immediately, this is my interpretation based on my experience.

The cost of the medicine is more I feel, it should have been affordable to the lower classes. It is Rs. 30/- per day. It should also be easily available. I mean to say that the number of ayurvedic pharmacies should be increased. I also do not have any sort of side-effects on my body. After finishing this treatment I get headache once in a month but it is much less in severity than the previous ones and is mainly due to my family tensions.

All the people who are suffering from headache, instead of taking different treatments it is better to take ayurvedic treatment which is without any side effects. All these are only my personal experiences.

S. Sunanda
Teacher, 57, Bhavanagari, Siraguppa Road, Bellary,
Ph: 267895