I am extremely glad to express my perspective about the Ayurvedic treatment for migraine

At the very outset, I am extremely glad to express my perspective about the Ayurvedic treatment for migraine. I am Ms. Prathiba S, aged 16, I have appeared for X Board Examination [CBSE] for the year 2006-07 in T.V.S. School, Tumkur.

At the age of ten, I started experiencing severe headache regularly. Almost everyday I had headache of high intensity accompanied by throbbing, pain in the eyes and near the eyebrows. I used to have an unilateral pulsating headache with a feeling of heaviness in my head. Due to this severe headache I couldnt concentrate on studies, especially during class hours. It was acting as a stumbling block to my studies. I found it very difficult to stay in the sun or in a noisy place for a long time, as my headache would get more intensified. My worried parents took me to various doctors like the physician, neurosurgeon, orthopedist, ENT, eye specialist and dental surgeon. I underwent various treatments, but they did not have a lasting effect. I only got temporary relief, in no time my headache would start again, subsequently, I developed nausea. it took more than three years to trace that I was having migraine.

Eventually, after undergoing various treatments from various doctors, I had lost hopes that my headache ever had a solution. Then my neighbors suggested me about the Ayurvedic treatment. I thought I would just give it a try. I consulted Vaidya Sunil Kumar in Tumkur for the treatment of migraine. He boosted confidence in me, saying that my headache would definitely be cured, but that wasnt an easy task. I had to strictly diet for 4-5 months for an effective outcome. In the beginning, for about two months, I didnt find any difference. However, the frequency and intensity of my headache gradually dwindled. Out of the blue, I used to get headache. Finally the day arrived when my treatment was completed. I got rid of MIGRAINE, thanks to Vaidya Sunil Kumar for having relieved me from headache through Ayurvedic treatment.

Today, I am on cloud mine, after getting relieved from migraine. I feel more energetic and enthusiastic in my day to day life. personally, I feel that Ayurvedic treatment for migraine is a slow and steady process, but really effective.

It is an ultimate remedy without any side effects, provided that diet is followed strictly. I owe my deep debt of gratitude to the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Prathibha S.
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