I again say my heart full thanks to my doctor

I am Maneesh, a 19 years male who had been suffering with headache for long years. But for last one year, I had severe headache on daily basis. It totally affected my studies. I was totally tired. Day by day the intensity of my headache was increasing especially during night time that killed my sleep. Then I consulted eye specialist who changed power of my glass. I used painkillers for a relief. Then I consulted Neurologist. He prescribed me some medicines for one month. I started the course. Suddenly my headache decreased. I was so happy at that moment. But after some days, Headache started again. My doctor again prescribed the same medicine for two months and told that I am a Migraine patient. When I stopped that medicine the headache will start. I followed that medicine till 8 months. I had no change after that period.

One day Dr. Rema Madam told my father about an Ayurvedic treatment. I decided to try that treatment. Finally I consulted an Ayurvedic physician at Moulana Hospital Dr. Vaidya Shivaji Patil Sir. He asked me the previous treatments and feelings. I explained that one by one. He checked me and advised blood tests. Then he prescribed me some medicines for one month and also gave some instructions about my foods, sleep, exercises, etc After one month I again consulted my doctor he asked my feelings and I explained my all types of feelings. He again gave me the same medicines for one month. I repeated this for 4 months.

In the new treatment I am very satisfied because in the first one month I feel very fine. In this period I didn't get any headache. Also I feel very pleasant. During this period I strictly obeyed the instructions of the doctor. Day by day I got more happiness and very good physical changes. Now I am sure, I didn't get this illness again because I am feeling very good (when I compare with my old stage.

I really thank to Dr. Vaidya Shivaji Patil Sir. He could remove my headache very fine. Now I am very happy. I don't know how I show my happiness. I again say my heart full thanks to my doctor Vaidya Shivaji Patil Sir and also I say thanks to Dr. Rema madam and Dr. Anil Sir who helped me very well during the treatment period.

Maneesh K
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