I used to get headache in childhood

My name is Mamatha, aged 33 years, a housewife. I used to get headache in childhood. Later on I used to get headache 2 or 3 times in a month, I used to take tablets and the pain used to decrease. I also had vomiting during the headache episode. In 2003, I started developing severe headache. I also had headache at night during sleep. Even on medication it was not subsiding. I started developing headache daily. It was associated with burning sensation in stomach, pain in neck and back portion of head. I also could not tolerate sound and light. I used to get very angry. I also developed gastritis.

Then I consulted Dr. Gangadhar who was a physician, he told me I was suffering from migraine. On his prescription I was on Samproz, Ciplox, Nexpro, Indira, Sibelium tablets. I used to consult the doctor once in a month. Later I put on weight and became fat. I was on medication for 2 months but found no relief. In November 2005, I saw the article in Vijaya Karnataka daily newspaper on treatment of migraine by ayurvedic and allopathic medications. Hence I came to Bangalore and met Vd. Hiremath, he asked me to consult Vd. Sunil Kumar at Tumkur. I consulted Vd. Sunil Kumar and decided to take ayurvedic medications. From December 2005 to April 2006 I took the medication properly according to his advice. He asked me to stop sour foods, coffee and tea. He advised me to maintain a balance in food. During this, I used to get headache sometimes. Now, since 1 year I have stopped the medications but from then till now I did not get migraine even once. I have no vomiting or acidity also.

On the whole I have no attacks of migraine at all. Ayurveda has no side effects and is the best medicine. For the people who have migraine I give a humble suggestions to take ayurvedic medications. I am very grateful to Vd. Sunil Kumar and the ayurvedic medicines for curing my migraine.

Mamatha C.S.
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