Back to normal after ayurvedic treatment but phobia of pain still haunts.....

MM* is a 39 year old married male from Delhi. He had off and on digestive problem but always improved with home remedies or simple medicines. However, He experienced massive pain in his upper abdomen with many vomiting in August 2000. The family admitted him in Jaipur Golden Hospital at Rohini under Dr. S.P. Demble. He was treated with IV fluids, pain killer, antibiotics and antacid for three days. The laboratory investigation showed elevated serum amylase in his blood. Here, for the first time, he heard the word of Chronic Pancreatitis (CP) in his life. He remained well for 18 months and in January 2002 while he was visiting Moga (Punjab).

Once again he had severe pain in upper abdomen. This time he was admitted under Dr. B K Goel at Apollo Hospital for three days and improved after receiving IV fluids, painkiller and antacids. Later, he experienced six more episodes of CP between January 2003 to July 2011. During these years he was treated by renowned gastroenterologists at Apollo, Fortis and AIIMS, Delhi. By this time he lost 14 kg body weight and developed profound weakness at mental and physical level. At this stage he was referred for Ayurvedic treatment by one of his neighbor and he was admitted for first few weeks at Dehradun on 22nd August, 2011. He has completed 2 years of ayurvedic treatment with substantial improvement at all levels. The last MRCP dated 6 May 2013 still shows signs of CP. However, he is clinically asymptomatic with no adverse effect of ongoing ayurvedic treatment

MM(identity hidden)