This is not a fiction but a real life experience

This is not a fiction but a real life experience that I would like to share with one and all.

I started getting headaches when I was around 18 years of age. What followed was a long painful journey for the next 25 years !!The efforts that I put in to get cured touched almost all branches of medicine, homeo, ayurveda, allopathy, magnetic therapy, accupressure etc. etc. not to mention the trips to various astrologers seeking solace in my life. But it was all futile until last june when I was made to read a newspaper article on Dr. Raghavendra Babu by my friend which initially I kept aside as I had lost faith in everybody around me. But on being persuaded by my friend, I got in touch with this doctor and the treatment was started in last June.

The allopathic drugs like Treptomer, vasograin, Inac, Ciplar, Flunarin etc to name a few were like my second course of food which Dr.Babu asked me to take along with his medicines for the first two weeks after which these drugs were gradually reduced. With slight changes in my diet coupled with his medicines, things slowly began to change. The no. of attacks which was like 2 - 3 times a week earlier came to 2 - 3 in a month. The intensity of the attack which had forced me to take recourse to Inac injections every 5 hours now almost became a rare feature and within 2 months after the treatment I was slowly getting convinced that some miracle indeed was taking place and that my suffering was soon going to end.

Now it is 6 months since I have stopped all medications and I have not got that kind of an attack even once !! Life looks so wonderful to me now without the agony and suffering.

I am extremely grateful to Dr.Raghavendra babu for giving me a fresh lease of life. I sincerely pray God to give him more and more strength so that he can reduce/eliminate the suffering of many more people in our society.

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