I got to know about your treatment through your seminar conducted at Gymkhana about migraine

I was told that ayurveda can cure migraine to a certain extent and thereby wanted to go for it. The main reason for me trying out with this treatment was because ayurveda has no side effects and cures effectively. I being a chronic patient of migraine was suffering with headaches. Previously I had taken allopathic drugs but did not get any relief. Dr. Hema after routine diagnostic tests started with the treatment. Headache was continuous for 3 days with severe nausea and vomiting, due to these I was faced to compromise with my professional and social life.

The approach of ayurvedic treatment was good and now after taking a 3 month course, I have recovered and the symptoms reduced. I sincerely owe my thanks to Ayurveda. I would definitely recommend this system of medicine to friends and neighbours.

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