Successful treatment of migraine

I am Kala Jyothi, 26 years of age, working for a computer firm in Bangalore since 3 years. I came to know the migraine treatment from Mr. Srinivasan Rangan, a very close friend of Dr. Raghavendra Babu. I was suffering a lot with headache since 2 years and during the headache there was lot of vomiting. I could not concentrate on my work. Since I am a computer professional I have to sit for nearly 8-10 hours daily in front of the computer . Everyday after 2-3 hours of work I got severe headache and could not continue the work. Every month I used to get 2-3 attacks.

As referred by Mr. Rangan I took treatment from Dr. Raghavendra Babu. He advised me with strict diet like no tea / coffee / onion / garlic / red chilli, etc. In the beginning it was difficult to follow strict diet, but later on I got adjusted and the medicine suited me. I took the treatment for nearly 3-4 months. In the first month itself there were no signs of vomiting and less headache. Later on after 2-3 months I got totally received from the headache.

The treatment was a huge success.

In this regard I thank Mr. Srinivas Rangan who referred me to Dr. Raghavendra Babu and also the doctor for taking so much care with regular follow-up. Thanking you, Yours faithfully.

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