I am suffering from migraine since 15 years

My name is Geetha, aged about 26 years; I am treated by Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor for my ailment, MIGRAINE. I am suffering from migraine since 15 years for which I consulted so many doctors for the cure of my ailment. Then I came to a conclusion that my ailment will not be cured even with all the medications given to me by the consulted doctors for many years. With the help of an advertisement in the newspaper I came to known that Dr. V.M. Bhat treats migraine. Immediately, the next day I consulted him and he started the medications for me and continued for 3 months medications within this period I got headache only once, then I called Dr. V.M. Bhat and got the suggestion from him. I feel now 90% of my headache has been cured, which was suffered by me since 15 years, which means in the first year I used to get headache only once the same continued for 5-6 years, then since 3 years, it used to come once in 6 months, then since 2 years, it used to come twice a month, finally since 1 years once in a week, it used to appear. Like this, within 1 year it increased to an extent of twice a day or thrice a day which used to disturb my efficiency in work and would make me more stressful. It used to come while traveling in the bus, which I couldnt tolerate. Now after taking ayurvedic treatment for 3 months, I feel 90% of my headache has been cured. Previously, if there is an attack then taking medicines was not giving me any relief but now at times if I get an attack within 5 seconds, the headache completely regresses without any medications if at all, I take only Tab. Anacin.

Geetha L.
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