We all have lost our hope and thought we would have to endure this agony forever

*We all have lost our hope and thought we would have to endure this agony forever.*...

My mom Mrs. Indirani Arivalagan has been suffering from migraine since she was in her teens. She used to get intense and excruciating headache during the migraine attacks that would last for several hours or sometimes for even couple of days. During such attack of migraine, she always had pulsating pain on one side of the head for several hours. The pain would be so sever that it would wake her up from deep sleep. She got highly nauseated and sometime vomit during the attack. For several years our family has consulted many doctors, but no treatment could relieve her from getting migraine.

Last year, my mom started getting Migraines more often -- several times a month. This affected the quality of life for not only my mom but also for our entire family. We all have lost our hope and thought we would have to endure this agony forever. Fortunately, one of my relative recommended us to Dr.Raghavendra Babu. He spoke in volume about Doctor's successful treatments. My mom and my dad traveled from our home town -- Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu, to meet Dr.Raghavendra Babu at Bangalore in the last week of June 2011. After talking with Doctor we got some confidence as we came to know that doctor had cured many complicated migraine cases.

Along with medicines, doctor recommended and guided my mom for a complete lifestyle change including changes in food habit and sleep cycle. Ever since, my mom has been religiously following Doctor's recommendations. Within* Two* *months* after the start of the treatement my mom started seeing positive changes in her migraine attack pattern. In the past *Four months*, my mom has had fewer attacks than she used to have in single month before the treatment. My mom and we have full hope that my mom's migraine problem will be greatly controlled forever. We attribute my mom's improved health condition and our families confidence fully to the excellent treatment provided by the Doctor. In additional to the treatment, we highly admire the commitment, the personal care and the emotional connection that the doctor maintains with his patients and their families. On behalf of our family, I would like to thank Dr.Raghavendra Babu for all his support and treatment.

Detroit, Michigan, USA.,