Suffering from Migraine since 5years had undergone allopathy treatment

I, Mrs. Bandi Bharathi, aged 30 residing at Hanmakonda was suffering from Migraine since 5years had undergone allopathy treatment, but did not get relief. I came to know Suraksha Ayurvedic speciality treatment centre after the meet for awareness of migraine. So I consulted Dr. Mallikarjun after detailed consultation and routine diagnostic test. I started on Ayurvedic Medicines for the treatment of migraine. I have compiled all their suggestions and advice and have been taking medicine regularly as prescribed by Dr. Mallikarjun for duration of 120 days. I am happy to state that I have got good relief from migraine.

I can say with 100% confidence that there is a sure cure for migraine and related ailments in Ayurvedic specially with an experienced and patient friendly doctor like Dr. Mallikarjun. There are a lot of Misconceptions about ayurveda. According to my own experience this is total unfounded. Finally I am very happy the way you treated me and word of confidence and the medicine which are never costly which are with in the reach of common.

Bhandi Bharathi
W/o Swamy, H.No. 154-4-354/4, Prakash Reddy Pets, Mandala Hanumakonda, District Warrangal, A.P.,