The Medicine or The Person?

Most people may think that it is all about the medicine. Truth is the medicine is just a tool. I consider it an excuse as it is far easier for humans to digest. A remedy to any disease, albeit consisting of multiple elements, ultimately rests upon two factors alone: Divine power and the distribution thereof. The following words I shall focus on the latter alone.

I believe I am the most fortunate being in this universe, having experienced miracles and blessings in abundance; more significantly, for the purposes of this article, treatment by a man named Balendu Prakash, aka: Vaidji. The endless support and guidance received by Vaidji over the years is impossible to recount. My sole interest in availing this opportunity to share my experiences rests in the fact that no matter how advanced certain medication may be, it is absolutely worthless without the one dispensing it. Vaidji is much more than just a physician. Thats my friends is simply an excuse.

Vaidji treated my leukaemia when I was a child. Thereafter he continues to support my healthy living. I do not recall the names of the medicines or what they were for and when and the dose. All I remember is Vaidji and pray that more people may learn about him.

Absar Khan