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I am so glad that I made it...

had the good fortune of meeting Vaidya Balendu Prakash in 1999, three years after I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer, at MSK Cancer Center, New York.

After surgery my Doctor told me that the tumor was 8cm, and I have four positive lymph nodes. I was given 12-cycles of Chemotherapy and eight rounds of Radiation Therapy. The chances of recurrence within two-three years were very high. After I returned to Karachi, I was looking for alternative treatment. A family friend told us about Vaidya Balendu Prakash who had successfully treated a two and a half year old boy suffering from Leukemia.

After searching for one year my sister managed to locate him in Dehradun. The journey of five hours from Delhi to Dehradun seemed an eternity to me. I had visualized an elderly man as Vaidya Balendu Prakash but he turned out to be very young and cheerful person. After examination, he asked if I was willing to change diet and lifestyle. In turn, I asked myself if the way I have lived, my life has given me anything but this illness. It didnt take me long to make the decision, fifteen years later I am so glad that I made it.

Fahmida Chapra

The Medicine or The Person?...

Most people may think that it is all about the medicine. Truth is the medicine is just a tool. I consider it an excuse as it is far easier for humans to digest. A remedy to any disease, albeit consisting of multiple elements, ultimately rests upon two factors alone: Divine power and the distribution thereof. The following words I shall focus on the latter alone.

I believe I am the most fortunate being in this universe, having experienced miracles and blessings in abundance; more significantly, for the purposes of this article, treatment by a man named Balendu Prakash, aka: Vaidji. The endless support and guidance received by Vaidji over the years is impossible to recount. My sole interest in availing this opportunity to share my experiences rests in the fact that no matter how advanced certain medication may be, it is absolutely worthless without the one dispensing it. Vaidji is much more than just a physician. Thats my friends is simply an excuse.

Vaidji treated my leukaemia when I was a child. Thereafter he continues to support my healthy living. I do not recall the names of the medicines or what they were for and when and the dose. All I remember is Vaidji and pray that more people may learn about him.

Absar Khan

With half heart hopes I met Vaidya Balendu Prakash......

From last ten years my SGPT levels were seen above range. Earlier i took it lightly but from the last two years, I was feeling some pain on the ride side of the abdomen. I tried many medicines including allopathy n homeopathy but they couldnt help in bringing down these levels.

One of my well wisher suggested me to see Vaidya Balendu ji, so with half heart hopes, I met him but the way he spoke me and encouraged me that I will b completely perfect within three months. Some positive energy current started to flows into my nerves.Vaidya Shikha ji helped a lot in explaining me my daily diet schedule n improving my lifestyle. I realized that all was wrong in my living style. Late heavy breakfast, skipping lunch and a heavy rich masala dinner.

She not only explained the correct procedure of eating but also kept a regular check on my daily diet. I used to mail my everyday activity from waking up till sleeping in night to Balendu Sir and we would get daily reply, no matter where he was in the globe , with sometimes a pleasing remarks and scoldings too J So ,dear friends today after four months of regular medications, I have lost 9 kgs fat of my body and above all my SGPT n SGOT levels have came down to border a borderline low now.

My continous headaches are a history now. I am much more energetic n happy. Thanks is a small word, I am heartly grateful to Vaidya ji for treating me medically and mentally showing me the correct path of living. I would suggest all out there reading this article to go for Ayurveda rather than other medicines and live a healthy life.

Hitesh Makheeja

Those 21 days changed my life...

I started to get migraines about 10 years ago . Last year I started getting daily debilitating headaches and I would feel lucky if I had one or two days without one.

It has been a long and painful road. I had always been an active sports person and now I had stopped exercise completely as any attempt to exercise would lead to a headache. Although very highly qualified , my professional life was now in doldrums as I was not able to work on most days. I seem to have lost all my friends as I just could not socialize on most days. My family also suffered as they saw me in pain every day.

I tried medications from all possible doctors general physicians , headache specialists , neurologists and homeopaths . I was taking painkillers and other medicines like triptans etc on a daily basis. However nothing seemed to help. Further the side effects of some of these medicines were too much to handle.

I truly feel I have been blessed by God - He introduced me to Vaidyaji . I stayed in Dehradun at Vaidyajis Clinic for three weeks and those 21 days changed my life . Vaidyaji and Vaidya Shikha helped me to leave all my medicines completely and adopt a lifestyle where I learnt to eat , sleep and exercise correctly.

I am now headache free . I exercise daily . I have returned to my work . I have started socializing and my family is so much happier n . In short Vaidyaji and Shikhaji helped me get back to life.

In case anyone has migraine they should contact Vaidyaji immediately as he and his team can change their life !

Please feel free to contact me . Ill be happy to help anyone.

Jyoti K Madan
Email : jyotismile100@gmail.com Ph: 9892217154

Am still enjoying my life without migraine after 5 months of stopping the therapy...

RASHA SALEH RAFEE , 39 years old female , works as a dentist , I was complaining about migraine since I was 10 years old , as am growing up , the frequency & intensity of this migraine was increasing , I tried several hospitals but with no benefit , then I listen to the advice of one of my family friends & I consult the therapist Dr. PRAKASH , he gave me a 4 months therapy that included a medicine with a diet plan , it was not easy , but the result was marvelous & I became an ex-migraine patient , not only that my blood pressure was improved , cholesterol level was lowered & I lost 16 kilogram in weight , I wrote that after 5 months from stopping the therapy , to be sure of the results I got , now I am enjoying life more without migraine.

Dr. Rasha Rafee
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I had headache from primary class onwards...

I am writing this letter in token of my gratitude for treating me for migraine through which I completely recovered. I had headache from primary class onwards and I tried various medicines; allopathy, homeo, ayurveda; one after another. There was no result. For the last three years, my headache reached its peak. When headache occurs, I had severe vomiting also. Hence, I had to take injections to reduce headache. Finally, it reached such a stage that even injections were not useful. At least once in a month, I was hospitalized. I was having 9 10 attacks every month during that time. I took many heavy doze tablets. Due to the side effects of all these, I became fat. I am working as a Teacher and I could not do justice in my family and professional life.

Through one of our family friends, Mr.Rajan Babu, we heard about Ayurvedic treatment for migraine. Along with my brother, I met Vd.S.Raghavendra Babu at Banglore in December 2010. After various tests, I was given medicines and we left. Along with medicines and food restrictions as advised by Vd. Babu, I continued the treatment. Every month, I sent updates to Vd.S.Raghavendra babu and he sent me medicines and directions which I complied with. I regularly spoke to him and he gave me confidence since I could talk to him at any time. For 6 months, I continued the treatment with food restrictions.

Now, I am almost completely recovered from my headache. I am very happy now and I am able to deliver my duties. I am indebted to the God and Vd.S.Raghavendra babu for this. For me, He is equal to God. I pray to God to give good health to him so that he can treat many of those who are suffering from various diseases for many years.

Vrinda Nandakumar
Flat No.3A, Relcon Plaza, Pattom, Trivandrum, Kerala.
Ph: 09539133844, 09745448108

Rejoin school after three years...

I am Shabeeb. My age is 12 year. I had been suffering with headache for the past four years. I used to have severe headache and vomiting about four episodes in a week time. That time, I used to admit in the Hospital. During those four years, I had tried English medicines and local preparations. This problem affected my life very badly and for last three years I could not attend school. Once I visited Dr. Anilkumar, he referred me to Dr. Shivaji Patil at Moulana Hospital in Perinthalmanna in Kerala. From that time onwards, I have been following Dr. Shivaji's advice in the form of certain ayurvedic medicines, diet and life style. I have taken six months ayurvedic treatment under him on regular basis. I started feeling better after 90 days with less pain and its intensity. I also neither did not require pain killers. Now I am feeling very much better and have no problem at all. From June 2011, I have been going to school. I am very happy.
Thanks ANILKUMAR DOCTER and Dr. Vaidya Shivaji Patil ji.

Shabeeb A.V.
S/O – Mohammed Kutty, Appanghatuvalapil House, Naduvattam P.O., Edappal, Malappuram Dist., Kerala State - Pin – 679 576.
Phone: 0494 2684627, Mobile: 090488 37365

I again say my heart full thanks to my doctor...

I am Maneesh, a 19 years male who had been suffering with headache for long years. But for last one year, I had severe headache on daily basis. It totally affected my studies. I was totally tired. Day by day the intensity of my headache was increasing especially during night time that killed my sleep. Then I consulted eye specialist who changed power of my glass. I used painkillers for a relief. Then I consulted Neurologist. He prescribed me some medicines for one month. I started the course. Suddenly my headache decreased. I was so happy at that moment. But after some days, Headache started again. My doctor again prescribed the same medicine for two months and told that I am a Migraine patient. When I stopped that medicine the headache will start. I followed that medicine till 8 months. I had no change after that period.

One day Dr. Rema Madam told my father about an Ayurvedic treatment. I decided to try that treatment. Finally I consulted an Ayurvedic physician at Moulana Hospital Dr. Vaidya Shivaji Patil Sir. He asked me the previous treatments and feelings. I explained that one by one. He checked me and advised blood tests. Then he prescribed me some medicines for one month and also gave some instructions about my foods, sleep, exercises, etc After one month I again consulted my doctor he asked my feelings and I explained my all types of feelings. He again gave me the same medicines for one month. I repeated this for 4 months.

In the new treatment I am very satisfied because in the first one month I feel very fine. In this period I didn't get any headache. Also I feel very pleasant. During this period I strictly obeyed the instructions of the doctor. Day by day I got more happiness and very good physical changes. Now I am sure, I didn't get this illness again because I am feeling very good (when I compare with my old stage.

I really thank to Dr. Vaidya Shivaji Patil Sir. He could remove my headache very fine. Now I am very happy. I don't know how I show my happiness. I again say my heart full thanks to my doctor Vaidya Shivaji Patil Sir and also I say thanks to Dr. Rema madam and Dr. Anil Sir who helped me very well during the treatment period.

Maneesh K
S/O - K. Kesavan, Kesavath House, Valanad, Pandikkad (PO), Manjeri Via, Malappuram Dist., Kerala - Pin – 676 521.
Phone: 0483 2780266, Mobile: 09539778387

Finally, Ninetten years of suffering came to an end...

I am Mrs. Renu Joshi from Dehradun. Now, I am 44 years old working woman (bank employee). I have been suffering with Migraine for last Nineteen years. Initially it was a normal headache but in past 4-5 years, it became severe. The problem was intolerable, especially in winters due to cold. The pain at this time was severe and no painkillers were effective. During summers the pain intensified due to heat which only reduced after sleeping. The frequency of headache was once a week. I tried various remedies allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic but was not benefited. Regular intake of Dispirin (Aspirin) and other painkillers also failed to help me. I heard about Vaidya Balendu Prakash, who is famous for treatment of Migraine. In December 2008, my husband took me to his clinic where I was examined and treated by his associate Vaidya Naveen Sharma. For one year, I was under supervised medication along with dietary control which I followed sincerely. After one year of treatment, my migraine was under control. Now I feel well. And past two years I have no migraine, but I take precautions and diet control.

Renu Joshi

Thank you from the bottom of our heart...

The very first thing that I and Lopa would like to say to you is,"Thank you" from the bottom of our heart. This "Thanks" is not just only for helping us out to come out from "Migraine" but also for bringing out a confidence in us, that we can overcome it, by sincerely following your advice and treatment. For people visiting this website, I would like to share that my wife, Lopa Chauhan was suffering from "Migraine" since last more than 2 1/2 years. Initially some self medication like taking up headache tablets etc worked out a little and hence we didn't care about it much. However it was only after we came to Mumbai that it got aggravated. We consulted a leading migraine specialist in Mumbai this too worked for small duration but later on made the situation worst. Lopa was hospitalized twice during the ongoing treatment just because she was still suffering from severe attacks of migraine for days and days. It is worth mentioning that Lopa was very badly accustomed to taking emergency migraine medicines in addition to the normal medicines that were prescribed to her. It was only after our faith got dangling over the above mentioned ongoing treatment and fortunately we were advised to go to you. I believe it is now three months of treatment that we have done for "Migraine" from you. Results are visible to everyone around Lopa. Migraine attacks have reduced down considerably and the severity of the attack too has lowered down. She has just taken emergency medicines twice in these three months and that was on account of different occasion which was a little unavoidable. She is now quite confident of overcoming it totally with your support. Thank you once again. If there is anyone who is interested in some personal discussion with us or have any query then, please request them to either mail me at nitin_mca104@yahoo.com or can reach me at 9930643261. Best Regards

Nitin & Lopa
Mumbai, India

Now, back on track...

Myself Sunita Rajwar working as TV, Theatre and Film artist... I am from Nainital and had this headache problem since my childhood. As I grew up my headache grew and disappeared from time to time.... When I started working in Mumbai since 2000 it just grew never disappeared and became worst from bad. I got my eyes tested as earlier I could not diagnose it as migraine.. by the time I diagnosed it I was already 30. People told me its stress, unhealthy food habits, my work profile, lack of sleep and other 100 things for my migraine but no cure and relief. My migraine started from twice a month to twice a week and I started throwing up frequently not sleeping for whole night and going for whole early morning... due to my work I could never ask for a break and used to shoot for hours in headache.. the most dangerous issue with me was my job profile.. all that triggers migraine was in it... big and loud sounds, lights, timeless work and no systematic time for food breaks. I was in oblivion and all my relations were also getting affected... I was getting very irritated and it was hampering my work.. I tried homeopathy but it did not suit me...whatever I came across I tried to get rid of this migraine... then one fine morning there was a pamphlet in my newspaper... it was about some seminar on migraine. I thank god that I attended this seminar as today after 120 days of great Vaidya Balendu Prakashs course, I am so healthy that it seems I never had migraine in my life... ya, last but not the least, I did take their medication and food plan very very religiously. And I think whoever suffers from migraine can never be careless in taking their medication.. Vaidji is great and so is the team who follows up till you recover completely. A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

MS. Sunita Rajwar, F
MNO Society, N-3, Johra Agadi Nagar, Yari Road, Versova, Mumbai 400061
Contact: 9821 092 245, Email: scgeeta@yahoo.com

Now, I can travel anywhere I like, without any fear of headache...

I am Mrs. Umedbala Jaisalmeria, 54 years old house wife. I was a migraine patient and my problem started in 2008. I used to have a severe headache more than four times a month. My pain was pulsating in nature and was localized at back of my head. My attacks were aggravated by travelling, stress & tension, exertion, lack of sleep, weather change, oily food, sun, crowded & noisy surroundings. My associated symptoms were photophobia, phonophobia, belching and fatigue. If I had to travel, I had severe headache next day and had to lie down whole day in bed. During attack I had severe vertigo and was unable to speak, sometimes I became unconscious. I consulted ENT specialist and after medicines my vertigo disappeared, but my frequency of headache remained the same. I was then taken to a reputed headache specialist in Mumbai. He prescribed me some anti migraine medicines along with pain killers and sleeping pills. After taking the medicines I used to feel sleepy. However, the conventional medicines did not improve my situation. My condition was turning from bad to worst.

At this juncture, we came to know about Vaidya Balendu Prakash. My son went and consulted him and told him about my problem. At first we were little apprehensive about the Ayurvedic therapy. When I came to Vaidya ji for consultation, I got an attack in front of him. Anyway, I started the Ayurvedic therapy from 4th April 2009. I followed the dietary restrictions and lifestyle modifications as instructed to me. As I continued with the therapy my migraine problem gradually started to decrease. After completing my 120 days medicines my headache problem was virtually gone. I now can travel anywhere I like without any fear of headache. For the last six months after I completed the therapy I did not have any severe attack of migraine.

It was very difficult for me and my son to have belief in Ayurveda but after my recovery my son and I developed respect for Ayurveda and now I prefer Ayurvedic therapy to Allopathy. I would like to thank Vaidya ji and his team for helping me to overcome my problem.

Umedbala Jaisalmeria
C/o Mr. P K Jaisalmeria, 301 Cosmos Tower, Muktai Nagar, Thane (W) 400 601
Tel: 022 217 215 01, Mob: 9820 797 161, Email: naveenjaisal@yahoo.com

Migraine is not your fate, it can be cured...

I am 54 year old male, working as a lecturer in a government college and a resident of Mysore city, Karnataka. I had been suffering from migraine since my childhood days and depended on pain killers for relief. In the beginning pain would subside soon after medication, but as I grew older the frequency of attack and the intensity of the pain kept on increasing. Migraine deprived me of the pleasure of my childhood and affected both my student and professional life. I did try variety of treatments homeopathy, allopathy, ayurveda, native medicines but in vain. Frustrated, I thought that it was my fate to live with the problem of my life and decided not to try any treatment in the future. During the beginning of 2008, I started suffering from very frequent headaches almost every day and even pain killers gave no relief.

Roughly about the same time, I read with interest about a conference on migraine being arranged in Mysore by Padaav and attended the same. Later, I met my family doctor and chief of Mysore branch of Padaav, Dr. Suresh Kumar for treatment in March 2008. He assured me of sure cure and started giving Ayurvedic treatment. He also advised me to follow certain systematic food habits and suggested regular walking. Though much improvement was noticed in the beginning, there was marked change towards the end of the treatment. The treatment concluded in early August 2008 and now I am almost leading a normal life. The frequency of headache, the intensity of pain, dependence on pain killers and pain associated symptoms are highly reduced.

I recommend this treatment to every migraine patient. But remember! Disciplined life suggested by him is the key to a satisfactory result. I am extremely thankful to Almighty, my family doctor Dr. Suresh Kumar ji and Padaav Centre.

No.937, 4th Main, 1st A Cross, "I" block, Ramakrishnanagar, Mysore- 570022
Mo: 9731 134 512

Finally, I have no phobia of Migraine...

Mrs. Radhika Kandelwal, 31 years female from Pune had a history of migraine since she was 18 yrs old. The onset of attack was gradual involving one side of head, occurring every month and lasting 6-12 hours. The attacks were aggravated by hunger, travelling, lack of food, weather change and oily food. Associated symptoms with migraine attacks were nausea, vomiting, phonophobia, photophobia, ear ache and fatigue. She was put on Ayurvedic treatment protocol (diet, lifestyle and medicine) from 2nd April 2006 for 120 days. Her migraine attacks improved gradually and now she leads migraine free life since five years.

Radhika Kandelwal, 31 yrs, F
Pune, India

Now I sleep like a baby...

My name is Yvan Wolfer and I am from Switzerland. I am 50 years old. I have had Migraine for last 43 years. I have tried different kinds of treatments without result. I met Dr. Prakash in Switzerland and he gave me four months of Ayurvedic treatment but no visible results were seen.

When I called Dr. Prakash he suggested me to come to India for three weeks of indoor residential treatment. He also made me understand the failure of the treatment taken earlier which was improper lifestyle and diet.

When I reached Padaav A speciality Ayurvedic treatment centre, Mumbai. I got a severe attack of Migraine and had to stay on bed for 39 hours. I carried my allopathic medicines, but I avoided taking them, in a little while the intensity of pain reduced due to Ayurvedic regime at the centre and I felt better with time.

Earlier I couldnt sleep well because of my sleep but now I have a sound calm sleep. After coming to Padaav my pain remained around 20 30% but my body could bear the intensity. And this is a big relief to the previous intense migraine that I had been facing all my life. Dr. Kapil Pawar gave me Nasyam each day which has tremendously helped me. I wish to continue the process even when I am home.

On the completion of the treatment I feel confident to fight against migraine which my body couldnt bear earlier. I am really thankful to Dr. Prakash, Dr. Kapil and Padaav team for serving me.

Yvan Wolfer, 50 yrs, M
Switzerland, Europe

My allopathic doctor suggested me to try with Vaidya...

I have been suffering from Migraine for the last 25 years. I have taken treatments for the last 15 years from various neuro-physicians in various cities in India including a stint abroad. Though I was getting temporary reliefs, migraine never cured. One of my allopathic doctors in Mumbai, after treating me for a while and after observing that the migraine was not responding to his medicines, suggested me to try with Vaidya Balendu Prakash. I started taking treatment from Dr. Balendu Prakash from Nov 2010. I have been under his treatment for the last 5 months. Earlier I used to have a peak of about 20 25 attacks a month. Now, for the last 40 days, I did not have any attack at all. I thank Vaidya Balendu Prakash for his wonderful line of treatment and wish that his services for the migraine patients should continue and prosper.

Mrs. Ravichandran

I am writing this letter in appreciation of your effort...

I am writing this letter in appreciation of your effort in treating my migraine problem, which I suffered since past 5 to 6 years. All the forms of treatment, which I tried during that period including Ayurvedic, Allopathic were totally useless. ln those periods whenever I had that shooting headache I used to have bout of vomiting uneasiness and I could not concentrate on my house hold works and even could not take care of small children and life was severally affected.

Through some reference I was advised to visit your hospital for this migraine problem. During the first visit itself you inspired confidence in me and the medicines and all treatment you provided. Now I am happy to say that I am completely cured of my disease and I happily leading family life. Lastly I am very happy the way you treated me and word of confidence and the medicines which are within the reach of common man.

Finally I thank you for your efforts in treating my problem and wishing you all the best. With regards

Sahana Balachandir
No. 24, 11th A Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560 041
Tel: 26644129 Mobile: 9845542676

Raghavendra Babu, a renowned doctor practicing Ayurvedic Medicine in city of Bangalore...

Raghavendra Babu, a renowned doctor practicing Ayurvedic Medicine in city of Bangalore, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet him through a close friend of mine during one of his Health related programmes. I was very much impressed by his system of approach to the chronic problems. As I was suffering from Migraine Headache and gastric problems for more than 2-3 years, I discussed my problems with Doctor after the session. Then I started my journey towards getting permanent cure to my Migraine Headache and Gastric problem.

After diagnosing the course of headache and other problems suffered by me in couple of sitting Dr. Babu prescribed medicines, advice strict diet. Diet should contain plenty of fruits, salads and no coffee or tea. He also told me that the root cause of my migraine headache in the stomach related gas problem. In August he gave me a diet chart of dos and dont and he advised me to follow it strictly . I took the medicine for nearly 3 months and I followed his advice and now I am free of Migraine Headache and also my gastric problem is reduced. I express my deep gratitude to Dr. Babu.

V. Parimala Valli
Scientist, ISRO No.21, Ramakrishna Nagar, Nandini Layout, 4th Block, Bangalore-560 096
Tel: 23598463

I came to know of your treatment through a friend of mine ...

I came to know of your treatment through a friend of mine who had her father-in- law take your treatment and was a regular patient at your clinic. My symptoms of migraine were acute pain in half head, which would peak in 4-5 hours slowly and stay there for 2-3 hours and at many times followed by vomiting. This would happen once a week.

After my treatment from Vaidya Raghavendra Babu, the pain frequency has come down drastically (once a month). And now, even when it pains, I can manage to control it most of the times and it is not so severe most of times. I have not noted any side effects. Hence, I would definitely advise people to go through this treatment which combined with the diet controls, bring in lot of improvement. One become aware of the trigger points of the headache as well, and the ways to overcome them when required, thus helping to overcome it, if it happens again. Regards,

Kapil, M
C-309, Millennium Habitat Kodala Halli, Bangalore-560037 Tel: 28540295,
Mobile: 9845114911 E-mail: pkapil@in.ibm.com

Successful treatment of migraine...

I am Kala Jyothi, 26 years of age, working for a computer firm in Bangalore since 3 years. I came to know the migraine treatment from Mr. Srinivasan Rangan, a very close friend of Dr. Raghavendra Babu. I was suffering a lot with headache since 2 years and during the headache there was lot of vomiting. I could not concentrate on my work. Since I am a computer professional I have to sit for nearly 8-10 hours daily in front of the computer . Everyday after 2-3 hours of work I got severe headache and could not continue the work. Every month I used to get 2-3 attacks.

As referred by Mr. Rangan I took treatment from Dr. Raghavendra Babu. He advised me with strict diet like no tea / coffee / onion / garlic / red chilli, etc. In the beginning it was difficult to follow strict diet, but later on I got adjusted and the medicine suited me. I took the treatment for nearly 3-4 months. In the first month itself there were no signs of vomiting and less headache. Later on after 2-3 months I got totally received from the headache.

The treatment was a huge success.

In this regard I thank Mr. Srinivas Rangan who referred me to Dr. Raghavendra Babu and also the doctor for taking so much care with regular follow-up. Thanking you, Yours faithfully.

Kala Jyothi, 26, F
No.4189, Sriranga Krupa, I Main Road, Subramanya Nagar, Bangalore-560 021
Tel: 080-23325252 / Mobile: 9845569345

This is with great thanks...

Dear Dr. Raghavendra Babu,
......This is with great thanks I wish to write this mail! Was suffering from migraine for over 30 years. I used to have severe one-sided head aches(either side) along with nausea often resulting in vomiting and forcing me to lye in the bed with no food for the whole day and loss of many working days. On several occasions the head ache used to shift to the other side and continue for another 12-24 hours. I had taken many other treatments including allopathic. homoeopathy, ayurvedic treatments but no satisfactory cure was obtained. Then during early 2005 I had an occasion to come to know about the treatment of migraine pioneered by Vd. Prakash and practiced by Vd.S. Raghavendra Babu through a seminar organized at Indian institute of Science. I met Dr. Raghavendra Babu for treatment in May 2005. He advised me to change my food habits by a prescribed menu aimed at reducing the acidic content in the blood by avoiding coffee, tea, red chilly, onions and sourer foods. In addition a good diet prescription involving fruits and protein rich food including sprouted greens/ egg whites were there for break fast and suggested food choices for lunch and dinner along with walking exercises in the mornings. In additions to food changes described above I was given medications for six months by Dr. Babu.

I am happy to state that my migraine has been reduced 90% by the treatment. Further I had no severe head aches for the past 4 months. I continue to follow the food pattern suggested by Dr. Babu even today. For some one who has undergone the devastating effects of migraine for nearly three decades, the treatment provided by Dr. Raghavendra Babu can be considered as a miracle. I hope many other migraine patients get to know about it and get benefit from his treatment.

Prof. Subhash Jacob, M
E-17, Quarters, Indian Institute of Sdence Housing Colony, Bangalore-560 012
Phone: 23601612(Res), 22933077 (Off) Mobile: 93412 52193, E-mal: Jacob@ccf.iisc.ernet.in

From the past 25 years, I was suffering from headache...

From the past 25 years, I was suffering from headache. I consulted famous doctor in Bangalore Dr. Mruthyunjaya and prescribed some medicines (name not known). I could not get complete relief from migraine. In the early days the headache lasted for 2-3 hours, and then the duration increased. I consulted many expert physicians in the course of time; I used to take 5-6 Dolopar Tab per day. My daily routine activities were disturbed. I lost cheerfulness and interest in life. I had even consulted Dr. Saroja Krishnamurthy and prescribed me tablets. When I took the medicine the relief was temporary . Again there was relapse of headache. I was frustrated and depressed and upset in my life. I had thought I would never get the relief from migraine throughout my life. Then I consulted Vd. Sunil Kumar whose house is next to our road. I followed the diet and took the prescribed medicines. Slowly I got relief from the headache. In 20 days nearly 60%, within 2 months 75- 80% of headache got relieved . Within 3 months 90% of illness is cured. Now I am following the restrictions given by Vd. Sunil Kumar, I really thank Vd. Sunil with my heart for giving a miraculous treatment.

Triveni, F
Benaka, 2nd A Cross Road, 4th Main Road, CSI Layout, Tumkur.
Tel: 227126, Mobile: 9448449001

I am Prakash aged 51 years. I am working in State Bank of Mysore...

I am Prakash aged 51 years. I am working in State Bank of Mysore. I was suffering from headache since 30 years. Previously the attack was on the forehead and the frequency was once in 3 to 4 months. Since 20 years headache started on the occipital region also. At that time frequency of migraine was once in 4 to5 months. Since 3 years the frequency has reduced to once in 2 months, once in a month and even once in 15 days. The severity of the pain was so much that it was unbearable. Usually, the attack used to start from the morning itself and goes on progressing till evening and get subsided only after vomiting. In this connection for the last 20 years I have consulted so many doctors, allopathic and homeopathy , but the problem did not solved.

During November 2005 I read a newspaper regarding treatment for migraine headache by Dr.Hiremath. Though I was frustrated about this problem, ray of instinct induced me to consult Dr.Hiremath and take treatment. Treatment started from November 21st 2005 and continued till 22nd of March 2006. I have followed all the instructions given by the doctor and also food instructions. For the last 6 months after the treatment was commenced I have migraine attacks on two occasions, but the ferocity of the pain was not much.

Now I am feeling better and the treatment given by Dr.Hiremath is safe and comfortable. I am grateful to doctor for having rendered treatment for migraine problem.

No.70, 12th A Cross, 22nd Main, Padmanabha Nagar, Raghavendra Layout, Bangalore-70,
Tel: 26394106, Mobile:9448175224

I was suffering from migraine since childhood...

I am Savitha Suri, an Ayurvedic Vaidya. I was suf fering from migraine since childhood. This used to interrupt my study pattern and school routine. I used to take painkillers in the beginning and later on switched over to painkiller injections as oral painkiller medications failed to show the desired relief. I tried Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment for this, but it was not very effective. Fortunately I met Dr.Hiremath at Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Centre who advised me this treatment. As an Ayurvedic doctor I am proud to say that Lord Dhanvantari blessed me through this treatment and I am helping my patients to come out of the clutches of Migraine through this treatment. Now I hardly take any tablets and injections, do not find any place in my vicinity. My working hours increased and I am able to carry out my work in profession and family uninterrupted. Thanks a lot for Dr.Hiremath and the treatment he advised. May Lord Dhanvatari bless all with his divine medicine.

Savitha Suri
W/o Dr. Krishna R.S. No.6, Chaitanya, SBM Colony, Udayagiri, Mysore-19
Phone: ®-0821-2451405 / Clinic: 5567088 Mobile-9448433911

I was suffering from Migraine for the last ten years...

I am a regular reader of Vijay Karnataka newspaper and happened to read about Dr Hiremath Dhanvantri Hospital and about Dr. Hiremath giving effective treatment to several ailments including MIGRAINE.

I was suffering from Migraine for the last ten years, suffering was beyond words, to mention a few of them I could not lift the head, also very reluctant to open my eyes for the fear that everything around me was rotating with a high speed, vomitting sensation and also vomitting at times. Those days I depended on the tablet Migranil which gave instant relief (that too if I had consumed it at the right time). Later, I got the awareness that it had tremendous side effects.

Initially , the method of treatment appeared very strange and unconventional, I was skeptical about the result, but as the days progressed, I started finding relief in just less than a week. To my astonishment I came out of it. Totally in less than a months time. It may seem as exaggeration but it is a lifetime experience for me that I am totally free from headache. I found his treatment very useful.

I find relieved to say that there are no side effects.

My present condition is fine. I am not scared of getting migraine headache. It saves lot of energy and time for me and helps me to remain calm and active.

I can say with 100% confidence that there is a sure cure for migraine and related ailments in Ayurveda, especially with an experienced and patient friendly Doctor like Dr. Hiremath around. There are a lot of misconceptions about Ayurveda. According to my own experience this is totally unfounded. There cannot be a better place than Dhanvantri Hospital and a better person than Dr. Hiremath for treatment of MIGRAINE.

Nanda Kulakarni
W/o Vasanth Nadigir No.447, 12th Cross West of Chord Road, II Stage, Mahalakshmipura, Bangalore-560 086
Tel: 23493213

I, the undersigned patient suffering from Migraine since 10 years...

I, the undersigned patient suffering from Migraine since 10 years, am receiving the treatment for the same for the past 5 months. I came to know about this treatment through an advertisement published in Vijaya Karnataka newspaper. Since then after taking the treatment I have recovered 90% and there have been no side effects.

Bharathi C.K.
No. 51/1, 18th Cross, 20th Main Road, M.C. Layout, Vijayanagar, Bangalore-560 040
Tel: 23301825

The treatment given by you was good...

The treatment given by you was good. We came to know the treatment by our family doctor Dr Hiremath. I suffered from this problem of headache since past 5 years. It was coming daily one upon a time (5 years). The main problem was I suffered from headache when I go out during after noon (12.00pm to 4.00pm). This problem has been reduced now. The problem has been controlled now. No problem in the afternoon. But sometimes it will be there, not like before.

No side effects during medication. Thats what the problem of headache has been controlled now. No problem as before. But sometimes when I getup early is morning it would be there.

B.S. Poojashree
No. 671, 10th D Main, 6th Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore-560 010,
Tel: 51731013, Mobile: 9448670140

I was suffering from migraine since my childhood...

I came to know about your hospital when I was reading Vijaya Karnataka newspaper under the headline It was a ray of hope for me as I was suffering from migraine since my childhood. I tried so many treatments but no improvement. Same day I called up your hospital but I could not get you as you were out of station, But Dr. Eshwar Reddy started my treatment. I met you after 15 days. When actual treatment was stared on Nov24th 2005. During the first month of treatment I didnt find much improvement. It was not a problem for me to be on diet. During the second month of treatment. I started feeling better; though frequencies of headaches were not reduced .The intensity was tolerable I could cope up with my daily routine. After the third month of treatment I was much much better. Frequencies and intensities both reduced, I was still on treatment, during that time my father expired. I couldnt cope up with the atmosphere; again I had two severe migraine attacks. But now my treatment is over, I feel 90% better Thanks a lot. Compared to my earlier condition I am feeling much better.

Mrs. Asha Guttal
164, A.G.B colony, II Stage II “D” cross Mahalaxmipuram, Bangalore- 560 086
Tel: 23499679

I was suffering from severe migraine since last two years...

I am Pruthvi, aged 19 years, I am doing integrated M.Sc. in Physics in Manas Gangotri, University of Mysore. I was suffering from severe migraine since last two years and I could not concentrate on my studies.

I spent so many sleepless nights because of headache. I tried several English medicines to come out of this problem but nothing worked permanently. They gave me only temporary relief.

One day I came to know from an article in newspaper about the Ayurvedic treatment given for migraine in Shree Dhanvantri Ayurveda Hospital at Bangalore by you. I came there and told my problem and you started giving me treatment.

The treatment is for 5 months. even though its very long I am having benefits out of it. I am covering now from the medicines given to me. Even though I felt very difficult to maintain the diet told by you. I am feeling happy for I am recovering now. I hope by the end of the 5 months my migraine problem will vanish completely.

Pruthvi C.S., 19
Room No. 2, Working Womens Hostel, Manasa Gangotri, Vijayashree, Mysore-06
Mobile: 9886612280 E-mail: pruthviskumar@yahoo.com

I read an article in newspaper about the treatment for migraine...

I read an article in newspaper about the treatment for migraine and consulted Dr. Hiremath. I was suffering with migraine since 25 years. Now 50% of headache is relieved with this treatment. There are no side effects. There is treatment for all diseases in this hospital.

N. Sabitha
451, BEML Layout, 8th Main Road, Basaveshwara nagar Bangalore-560 079
Tel: 23482870

My name Shubha, aged 30 years...

My name Shubha, aged 30 years, I am employed in an export company for 12 years. I had been suffering with migraine headache from 15 years. Every month I used to have 5-6 attacks in a month lasting for three days. I heard about treatment from one of my friend. I consulted Dr. Hiremath at Dhanavantri Hospital on 15.01.2006 and started taking medicines from 16.01.2006. I had very good results. Before I had 5-6 times headache in a month later 3 times, 2 times and since 2 months I dont experience any headache. There is no side effects from this treatment, have lost weight, feeling lightness of the body. Now I do not require any allopathic medicine for migraine. Now I dont have headache. Ayurvedic treatments and medicines are not that expensive. Middle class family can afford it.

Shubha Y.S.
No.41/42, Freedom Fighters Colony, Behind Govt. School, Laggere, Bangalore-560 058,
Tel: 57621957 Mobile: 9986292722

I, Ranganna, aged 47 years, working in BMTC for last 21 years...

I, Ranganna, aged 47 years, working in BMTC for last 21 years. I had been suffering with migraine from 21 years. I had one episode of headache every alternate day. I have taken allopathic medicine, found relief for few hours, but the pain reoccurred. I learnt about the treatment for migraine in an advertisement given Vijaya Times six months back. I enquired about it at Dhanavantri Ayurvedic Hospital and started my treatment from 06.12.2005 and found relief. I suffered from severe headache earlier, in spite of taking allopathic medicine, had no relief. Now since six months intensity of headache has been reduced i.e. once in six months. I have been benefited from this treatment as I get proper sleep my appetite has also improved. Overall this treatment is very effective with no side effects.

No.5, Lakshmi Nilaya, I Main, II Cross, Goragunte Palya, Bangalore-560 022
Tel: 080-23378642

I had been suffering with migraine from past 21 years...

I had been suffering with migraine from past 21 years. The frequency would be 5-6 times in a year. Since July 2005, I suffered from severe headache, which would occur 4-5 times a week with unbearable pain. Inspite of taking 2-3 pain killers per day, I could not find any relief from the pain. I learnt about the treatment for migraine in newspaper at Dhanavantri Ayurvedic Hospital. I started my treatment in November 2005. After taking treatment for five months experienced no side effects. Even now I suffer from headache but the intensity and frequency has been reduced to a large extent. I dont need to take pain killers and I get relief with simple rest.

G. N. Usha
W/o R. Keshava th 114/2, 5 Model House Street Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560 004
Tel: 26760860

I was a migraine patient since 1984...

I was a migraine patient since 1984, while I was a 22 year old, a postgraduate student I was having migraine attack, minimum twice a week, with severe headache and vomiting sensation which lasted for about six hours. I was unable to learn or do even my routine works. I have tried many systems of medicine including modern medicine and homeopathy , but of no avail. I came to know of Vd. Balendu Prakash when he successfully treated one of our family friends for AML M3. our confidence in him was so high, that when we heard that Vaidyaji started treatment for migraine, we opted for it. Vaidyaji started my treatment in May 2005. I took medicines under strict diet control as per Vaidyajis instructions for about seven months though migraine subsided within four months. Vaidyaji stopped my medicines by Jan.2006. I never had migraine attack even since. Even my traveling sickness (I was unable to travel continuously for even 30 minutes without vomiting) vanished. I am very much indebted to Vaidyaji for saving me from this disease which haunted me for more than 20 years. Vaidyaji and his team of dedicated Vaidyas doing a wonderful job by proving that our great traditional system of medicine do have remedies where even modern medicine seems to have no solutions. With great respect and regards, I wish all of them success.

Sailaja A.
Srisailam, ITI Housing Colony, Kadamkode, Karingarapally Post, Palakkad, Kerala-673 559
Tel: 0491-2507108 E-mail: srisailam@sancharnet.in

Personal Experience with Ayurvedic treatment for Migraine...

I hereby wish to inform about my experience with the subject treatment. I used to get migraine headache quite often, at least once a month with intense headache and vomiting etc. I used to take very strong allopathic tablets to put an end to the pain. Being a working woman, I used to face a lot of problems during these days and round lose a lot of working hours due to the headache.

I was then informed about the ayurvedic treatment and approached your clinic for the same. I have found a lot of relief after taking your treatment for the headache. I have not got the same kind of headache ever since I have taken the treatment. Moreover there has been a change in the lifestyle being led by me too. As advised by you, I have been going for 30 minute walks almost everyday and also taking a lot of vegetables, fruits, milk etc..

I feel that the ayurvedic treatment helps in healing migraine headache patients and there are no side effects after the treatment too. The cost is also very reasonable.

My personal details are already available with you in your file. You may feel free to seek any further relevant information from me.

Shamila M
Flat No 5, Panchavati, Apartments Wellington Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore - 560 025
Ph:-22121780 Mobile:-9845359946 Email:- shamila@rediffmail.com

I came to know about ayurvedic treatment through advertisement at our club...

I came to know about ayurvedic treatment through advertisement at our club.

The effect of migraine reduced compared to earlier and frequency of repetition of migraine reduced considerably though cost of treatment is little higher it is good that the effect is reduced. No side effects are felt.

My current status after stopping treatment is fully not cured, may be because of diet imbalance.

Shamala Dinesh
IC-49, JSW Township, Vidyanagar,
Tel: 08395-240202 Mobile: 9449598001

I have been suffering from migraine since so many years...

My name is Sandhya Rani from L.B. Nagar. I have been suffering from migraine since so many years and was kept on tab Paracetamol 650mg. even then I used to get headache frequently twice a week and then I consulted one neurophysician, he kept me on Tab. Migranil but it also did not give me permanent relief, but it gave temporary relief, then question arise about, how many days should I take this medicine for permanent relief from this headache?

One day I read in the newspaper that Vd. Raghavendra Babu from Bangalore is visiting Hotel Ratan, Warrangal for the purpose of treating migraine patients. The next day I met Vd. Raghavendra Babu. He completely examined me and gone through my previous medical reports, then finally, he gave me medicines for 15 days along with few dietary changes and lifestyle changes within 15 days of treatment, the pain reduced its intensity. After 4 months of treatment my headache has been reduced from 2 times a week to 2 hours a day and then for further treatment Vd. Babu has instructed to Vd. Mallikarjun for giving me permanent relief through Ayurvedic treatment for the migraine.

Sandhya Rani
W/o Bhaskar, H.No.3-124-1, L.B. Nagar, Warrangal, A.P.

I am suffering from migraine headache since 15-20 years...

My name is Rajesh, aged about 39 years. I am working in gram panchayath office as a tax collector. I am suffering from migraine headache since 15-20 years. I have met renowned doctors and taken medications. But I did not final any relief from allopathic medicines. I thought that I would get relief from my symptoms from a homeopathic doctor and hence took homeopathic treatment for 2 years. But the result was zero. I was worried only about my headache. I could not face eight and I had head reel and vomiting. This had affected my daily routine. 4 months back, I read Kannada Prabha newspaper, and found information about treatment to migraine. Hence I contacted the doctor on mobile and came to Bangalore. According to the advice of Dr. Raghavendra Babu I took ayurvedic medicines for 4 months. After taking the medications till now I have no attacks of migraine at all. My migraine problem has completely stopped. Really ayurvedic medicines are best. The cost effectiveness is also good compared to other medication. Even middle class people can afford these medicines.

Dr. Raghavendra Babu has given me a new life. I am very grateful to Dr. Raghavendra Babu.

M.N. Rajesh, F, 39
Mahathma Gandhi Nagar, Ponnampet, Virajpet Taluk, Kodagu District,
Mobile: 9449403464

My migraine started sometime in August 2004...

My migraine started sometime in August 2004, the frequency was monthly to monthly and the attack lasted from 5-10 days at a time. None of the allopathic medicines / painkillers comes to help. My professional life got disturbed and at the point of time I left my job to fully stay at home. After a period of few months I came to know about this treatment (Ayurvedic) from my brother who in turn came to know through his friend. I took the medicines from Dr. Raghavendra. He explained me in detail the diet plan and also gave me medicines.

Dr. Raghavendra. He explained me in detail the diet plan and also gave me medicines. The treatment helped me immensely and I did not have any problems for a period of 5-6 months. However due to disturbed and stressed lifestyle I again got one attack which was again controlled immensely by the medicines. The ayurvedic medicine for migraine has been a great help to me and I recommend it to any one who has the same problem.

Ritu Jain Gaurav
Head-Centre of Excellence Telecom, Infinite Computer Solutions, Bangalore
Mobile: 9886725210 Email:- ritujaingaurav@yahoo.com

I have this complaint of headache since 8 years...

I have this complaint of headache since 8 years. As time passed gradually it started more severe. Initially it used to come for few hours and then after 1 year it started coming daily for 3-4 hours continuously , sometimes still more. At the same time I got married and after few days I gave birth to a child and with this life seems to be more miserable for me. Whenever I get headache I couldnt concentrate my work and also on my child finally I use to take Tab. Crocin (2) in no. 3 times a day , even then it would last for few hours and then gradually reduced to mild pain. Then, I consulted many doctors, from which I came to know that the headache which I was suffering from is not a common headache, it was termed as MIGRAINE and also I came to know that there is no medication for this kind of headache, which betrayed me a lot and gradually I lost my ability to withstand the pain.

On day my father came across an advertisement in VIJAY KARNATAKA newspaper regarding the Ayurvedic treatment for migraine by Vd. S. Raghavendra Babu. With this I consulted Vd. Babu and took medications for 3 months. Now I am happy that after taking Ayurvedic medication, my headache has come to a stage of complete cure. I gratefully thank Vd. Babu for giving me such kind of treatment for my headache and also providing me all kind of comforts for getting the medications through courier at time without fail.

Smt. Roopa K. Bhat
Udayagiri, Hassan District-573 201
Mobile: 9945914732

I was suffering from severe one side headache, since six years...

I was suffering from severe one side headache, since six years associated with vomiting nausea occurring once a week there by disturbing my daily curriculum. It would start for 12 to 16 hours during which I would not be able to concentrate on my work and my productivity of work was affected. I would take tab crocin to get me relieved of my pain but at times it got worsened I started my treatment of migraine October 2005 with Vd. S. Raghavendra Babu. Gradually vomiting, nausea came down during the first month of treatment even the intensity of headache and frequency reduced I felt much better during the treatment and am happy that my headache has been controlled with Ayurvedic medicine. Since one year I have stopped my medications and there is no attack of headache as before and I am completely relieved from nausea, vomiting sensation which used to persist continuously even without headache. I gratefully thanks for Vd. S. Raghavendra Babu for giving me such kind of treatment for my headache along with some dietary and life style changes.

296/A, Iliasnagar,100feet Ring Road, Sarakki Gate, J.P. Nagar Post, Bangalore-560 078

I am suffering from migraine since 15 years ...

My name is Geetha, aged about 26 years; I am treated by Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor for my ailment, MIGRAINE. I am suffering from migraine since 15 years for which I consulted so many doctors for the cure of my ailment. Then I came to a conclusion that my ailment will not be cured even with all the medications given to me by the consulted doctors for many years. With the help of an advertisement in the newspaper I came to known that Dr. V.M. Bhat treats migraine. Immediately, the next day I consulted him and he started the medications for me and continued for 3 months medications within this period I got headache only once, then I called Dr. V.M. Bhat and got the suggestion from him. I feel now 90% of my headache has been cured, which was suffered by me since 15 years, which means in the first year I used to get headache only once the same continued for 5-6 years, then since 3 years, it used to come once in 6 months, then since 2 years, it used to come twice a month, finally since 1 years once in a week, it used to appear. Like this, within 1 year it increased to an extent of twice a day or thrice a day which used to disturb my efficiency in work and would make me more stressful. It used to come while traveling in the bus, which I couldnt tolerate. Now after taking ayurvedic treatment for 3 months, I feel 90% of my headache has been cured. Previously, if there is an attack then taking medicines was not giving me any relief but now at times if I get an attack within 5 seconds, the headache completely regresses without any medications if at all, I take only Tab. Anacin.

Geetha L.
W/o Gouramma Annapoorneshwari Nilaya, Channa Nayakana Palya, 2 Stage, Mysore Lamps, No. 50, M.S. Layout, Nagasandra Post, Tumkur Road, Bangalore-560073,

I am getting headache since 20 years...

I am getting headache since 20 years, initially when I go for a function and their, the different colorful issues would trigger me, similarly, when I travel in bus, or see any films, headache would follow me along with tiredness and vomiting. During summer season, headache used to increase in the morning would suppress within evening. At this time even if I drink water, it also gets vomited, especially during my periods headache used to be continuously for 4-5 days.

For the first time, when I consulted a doctor, I was kept on Tab. Brufen and Stemetil them, diagnosing this headache as migraine, I was kept on Tab. Vasograin, Tab. Ditide to be taken before my periods from all these medications, it seems to get reduced but after few days it returned to be got reduced but after few days it returned to the same state as before. Then, I consulted Dr. Agadi, a neurologist; we gave me Tab. Divaa 250mg. Tab. Movibion from these medications, vomiting sensations subsided completely but not the headache which continued for 3-4 days continuously associated with heaviness of the body and lassitude. Like this my headache was not cured with all the above said medications, Amidst these, I got one CT Scan done and reports was absolutely normal but headache was as it is like before.

One day, I came across one advertisement in the newspaper and then consulted Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor. On that day, with mere examination, he told me to come after 2 days. Then I am on the 3 mouth of medication, I am following each and every instructions given by him. At the beginning, there was fatigueness in my both the limbs, and headache used to came at times not as before. Now, headache appears only during my period times and I am feeling lightless in the body like this I thought if continue these medications for a few day, my headache will be completely cured and from this, gained some amount of confidence in me.

But the cost of the treatment is slightly high. Monthly 2000 rupees have to be spent, which is not every individual can do, so I think it has to be made easy to access for each and every individual. Finally my long lasting headache is been completely cured with the medications given by Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor.

Rohini Narendra Babu
Mulukunte, Via Honnudike, Tumkur Tq and Dist,
Ph. :-0816-2266518, Mobile:-9449306018

I was suffering from migraine from past ten years...

I was suffering from migraine from past ten years. Initially the pain was bearable for the past ten years. Initially the pain was bearable but gradually it started increasing which was beyond my control. I started feeling like vomiting, and sometimes my whole head was pricked by needles. The pain became severe that even the slightest noise was unbearable. I could not go anywhere neither could I enjoy with my friends.

I tried many doctors and many medicines but all in vain. It was as though my life came to a stand still. Then one fine day, I happened to read an advertisement about migraine in Ayurvedic treatment. I thought to give one more chance and decided to go for treatment.

I am doing this from past 2 months months and I am feeling much better than before. It has not completely gone but I am feeling much better. Still 20% to 15% is there. Hope to get cured by the time I finish the whole course.

Medicines are very effective but the cost is high. If the medicines are affordable than many people can go for this and every people will be free from this migraine.and I am feeling much better than before. It has not completely gone but I am feeling much better. Still 20% to 15% is there. Hope to get cured by the time I finish the whole course. Medicines are very effective but the cost is high. If the medicines are affordable than many people can go for this and every people will be free from this migraine.

Roopa K. Sanghavi
Shelter” #460, 5 Main, 6 Cross, M.S.R. Nagar, Bangalore-560054
Tel: 23608124 / Mobile: 9448474973


My name is S.P. Deepa, Im studying in X Std in Schoenstati St. Marys High School, Rukmini Nagar, Nagasandra Post, Bangalore.

Im writing this letter to the Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor.

Sub: Personal Experience with Ayurvedic treatment for migraine

Respected Sir,
I am eager to say the condition about migraine before taking ayurvedic treatment and after ayurvedic treatment. I am suffering from headache since 1 year, when headache comes I cant do any work, I cant read, write, not only headache I suffered from vomiting sensation also, when headache comes I wont like to talk with anybody I like to sit alone or sleep alone in a dark place. The duration of headache is 2-3 hours. For a week 3-4 times headache was coming. Before taking ayurvedic treatment first I was taking DOMCET tablet for headache. If I take this tablet the headache comes down to 70%.

One day I came to know Ayurvedic treatment for migraine through newspaper. They arranged a camp in a school. Even I also participated in that camp. Then I came to know that if I took ayurvedic treatment then I will be perfectly cured. Then I started taking ayurvedic treatment. From 2-3 months I am taking this treatment. It is better for me no side effects. After stopping ayurvedic treatment I will be perfectly alright.

I am really thankful to the Dr. V.M. Bhat Aroor, who gives me the treatment for migraine.

S.P. Deepa
D/o L. Prasanna, No.6, “Chitra-Deepa” Nilaya, Kariobanahalli, Nagasandra Post

I started developing headache 4 years back...

I am a high school headmistress. I started developing headache 4 years back. It started due to ill-health of my husband. Since then my headache went on increasing. To get relief from the headache I came to Bangalore to St. Johns Hospital and consulted neurologist and I also took medications from Hubli for 6 months but found no relief. If I ask the doctors about it they used to advice me to decrease the tensions. I am a working woman hence I found it difficult. Daily my headache used to start by afternoon and increase by evening. Increase to such an extent that it doesnt subside by having Dolopar tablet but subsides only after vomiting. Later I had no vomiting also. Life became so difficult because of my severe headache. I have taken injections several times. Due to increased vomiting, I have taken drips also. I had shown too many doctors but still found no relief from my symptoms. When my neighbour came to know about this, she gave me a paper cutting from the newspaper containing the add. Later I contacted Dr. Hema Desai and started taking sttreatment from Feb. 2006 for 3 months. In the 1 month of treatment 50% of my symptoms were reduced and gradually I got 80% relief. The remaining 20% relief I did not find due to not following the diet regimen, Now I feel that it is due to ayurvedic medication that my headache as decreased. The duration of treatment is right because I feel that any disease cannot be controlled immediately, this is my interpretation based on my experience.

The cost of the medicine is more I feel, it should have been affordable to the lower classes. It is Rs. 30/- per day. It should also be easily available. I mean to say that the number of ayurvedic pharmacies should be increased. I also do not have any sort of side-effects on my body. After finishing this treatment I get headache once in a month but it is much less in severity than the previous ones and is mainly due to my family tensions.

All the people who are suffering from headache, instead of taking different treatments it is better to take ayurvedic treatment which is without any side effects. All these are only my personal experiences.

S. Sunanda
Teacher, 57, Bhavanagari, Siraguppa Road, Bellary,
Ph: 267895

Migraine problem during monthly cycles is persistent...

I have taken the medicines given by Vd. Hema Desai. But still the migraine problem during monthly cycles is persistent. Otherwise, my condition is O.K. The intensity of headache and the frequency has reduced. But the recurrence of the migraine during monthly cycle continues.

I look forward for a good advice in this regard.

P. Rama Devi
W/o B.L. Anand Rao, 1st Cross, S.N. Pet, Bellary-583101,
Tel: 08392-278862 ® 08392-278762 (O) Mobile: 9845732204

I got to know about your treatment through your seminar conducted at Gymkhana about migraine...

I was told that ayurveda can cure migraine to a certain extent and thereby wanted to go for it. The main reason for me trying out with this treatment was because ayurveda has no side effects and cures effectively. I being a chronic patient of migraine was suffering with headaches. Previously I had taken allopathic drugs but did not get any relief. Dr. Hema after routine diagnostic tests started with the treatment. Headache was continuous for 3 days with severe nausea and vomiting, due to these I was faced to compromise with my professional and social life.

The approach of ayurvedic treatment was good and now after taking a 3 month course, I have recovered and the symptoms reduced. I sincerely owe my thanks to Ayurveda. I would definitely recommend this system of medicine to friends and neighbours.

W/o Raghunath, R.N. # 53, Ward No.5 ,Lala Khama, Bellary-583101,
Tel: 08392-277778 Mobile: 9341941428h

I was suffering from headache since 2 years...

I was suffering from headache since 2 years (i.e. from October 2005). When I went for an eye check up, Doctor told me that I have migraine. From then I have consulted many doctors (Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Doctors) and spent Rs15,000-20,000. On my treatment but did not find any relief. Once a week or twice a week when I used to get headache, I could not sleep, sit or walk. I used to lie down alone suffering from pain. Before, I used to get it twice in a month, later on once a week or twice a week I used to suffer. People felt that I was acting as if I had headache. During the time of headache, I could not sleep, eat and drink but used to lie down crying.

My husband used to understand me and my problem and used to behave with patience in the beginning. But even after lot of medications when I could not sleep and cry, he used to get tired of my behavior and tell me to consult a psychiatrist. He also told that we need counseling from a consultant physician. At the end, he also talked about divorce. I had lost interest in my life and I decided to commit suicide.

On October, 15, 2006 my brother Shivaranna and sister-in-law from Mysore had suggested to consult you. Later when I approached you, on your suggestion I took medication for 3 1/2 months. And now, I am regained my normal health similar to the way I was 2 years back. In this 2 years I had lost 11 kilos. But now I have gained 6 kgs of weight. Now, all my family members are nicely mingling with me. My family members and I are grateful to you, and to the people who have found out the medicine.

At present I get tolerable headache once a month and I have become brave to face life. my food habits, sleep and working life has become normal like before.

Vasudha K.V.
W/o Vinayaka K.S., Kyasanooru, Nisarani Post, Soraba, Shimoga Pin-577 434

I was suffering from migraine from past 2 years...

I was a migraine patient. I was suffering from migraine from past 2 years. I tried many medications but it was more of a symptomatic relief. Sometimes I took 2-3 Crosins in a day. When I came to Mysore I met our family doctor, Dr. Suresh Kumar (Ayurvedic Physician), when we talked about this, he explained to me in detail, the aspects of the therapy, possible duration and also approximate cost. Then I decided to go through this treatment. I took the medicines for 3 months. Before treatment I was having headache almost 3-4 days in a week. But now the frequency has reduced up to 705. Now I am very happy with this particular treatment and the cost is also moderate.

B.N. Shruthi Kesari
112, Srinataravinda Nilaya, 3rd Cross, 3rd Main,’H’ Block, R.K. Nagar, Mysore-23
Tel: 2560194 E-mail: gahoba@yahoo.com

I was suffering from partial head ache problem from past 22 years...

I was suffering from partial head ache problem from past 22 years. It was confirmed as MIGRAINE pain in 1990 by one of the doctor on the basis of EEG report. He had given treatment for almost 5 years with English medicine i.e. Nomigraii1/Dart which caused Gastric problem. The pain was tolerable till the medicine effect was there. It became so worst that I couldnt sleep, for this the doctor started giving me Sleeping tablets. Even though after consuming the tablet I could hardly sleep. It disturbed my sleep. The Revocation was to fight with family members for minor things and couldnt concentrate on my work .During my treatment doctor went to States. After that I visited almost 5 to 6 doctors, the response was the same i. e. the same line of treatment and the side effect became worst.

In 2004 I had acute back pain for which one of my friends referred to Dr. Suresh Kumar. I went to him and had treatment for the same. One day I was discussing regarding my head ache with him. He suggested integrated treatment of migraine. Then he started the treatment. Initially there was no improvement for 3-4 weeks then the effect started after 4th week. The medicine cost is with in the common man reach.

I took medicines for ~2 weeks, and there were no side effects. I used to get headache 3-4 times in a month (previously it was 2-3 times a week) Intensity was tolerable. (Previously it was not. I used to sleep in a dark room by tying cloth to my head.) And the duration was for few hours (previously it was for 2-3 days).

As per my doctors advice I stopped medicines after 12 weeks. The problem of my head ache is not recurring; once in a while it will come, and cures without medicines. It is better to have AYURVEDIC treatment as there are no side effects.

A.S. Veena
823, Chethana, 26th Cross, 4th Main,Vidyaranyapuram, Mysore-560 008
Tel: 0821-2489599 / Mobile:9900450776 E-mail: asveena@rediffmail.com

I was suffering from severe head ache (migraine)...

I am Ganga Sridhar, aged 50 years, housewife. From past 25years, I was suffering from severe head ache (migraine). I consulted several famous doctors, did meditation, exercise, healing etc., but did not find any changes. I used to take Vasograine tablet, which gave me temporary relief but not a permanent relief. Because of this migraine I had lost all my cheerfulness and interest in life. I thought I would never get relief from this throughout my life.

One day my cousin gave me Dr. Sudhindras number which had seen from an advertise. I consulted him, & took treatment from Dec27th 2006, he suggested me to make certain changes in life routine and accordingly I did. During the first month I did not find any changes, but in next 2-3 months I found tremendous changes, 50% of my illness was cured and in 4th month 99% was cured, I did not get headache till now. I am very much thankful to Dr. Sudhindra with my heart for giving a miraculous treatment.

24,36th Cross, Veeranjeneya temple, Bhavaninagar, Kadirenahalli Cross BSK 2 Stage, Bangalore-70,
Ph:-080-26717921 / Mobile:-9449392516

I have been suffering from migraine from the past 3 years...

I am Kusuma S. aged 20 years doing II Year MBBS, residing in Bangalore. I have been suffering from migraine from the past 3 years. I came to know about this ayurvedic treatment from one of my family friend, and after that I had attended a camp held near Jalahalli cross where I had a consultation with Dr. Sudhindra Kulkarni who started my treatment with strict dietary advice and medication for a duration of 90 days. I had followed all his suggestions and advice strictly. This medication gave me a relief from the daily routine headaches that I suffered from the past 3 years which interfered in my day to day activities unabling me to concentrate on my studies. As for now my studies are going very well without any interruption and my increased sleep that was there before has come to an end with activities and increase in efficiency. And I really thank the ayurvedic faculty for carrying out such a mission, relieving many sufferers of migraine. And once again I want to thank heartfully Dr. Sudhindra Kulkarni who gave me relief by not only mere medication but also by building up self confidence in me. Thank you sir

Kusuma S.
A-101, DOS Housing Colony, ISRO Quarters RPC Layout, Vijayanagar, Bangalore-40,
Ph. 080-65323021 / Mobile:- 9844242352

Since 15 years I am suffering with severe migraine...

Namaste to all the audience in the auditorium at IISc in Bangalore. Since 15 years I am suffering with severe migraine. I tried all the other medical treatments but I did not get even a minimum relief and also I had spent lacks of rupees on it. Three years back I came to know about the Ayurvedic treatment by Vd. Balendu Prakash through my sister-in-law who is an ayurvedic doctor. I have undergone treatment, for the first time and 95% of migraine has been cured and again by the advice of doctor I had taken another course of the same medicine. Now almost my headache is cured. Since last 1 year I suffered only two times with headache and also that may be due to my irregular diet. Thanks to Dr. Balendu Prakash and Vd. Savitha for the better medicine in treating the migraine patients.

Uma Sailesh
Vidyanagar, Bellary District,
Mobile: 9448301151

Suffering from Migraine since 5years had undergone allopathy treatment...

I, Mrs. Bandi Bharathi, aged 30 residing at Hanmakonda was suffering from Migraine since 5years had undergone allopathy treatment, but did not get relief. I came to know Suraksha Ayurvedic speciality treatment centre after the meet for awareness of migraine. So I consulted Dr. Mallikarjun after detailed consultation and routine diagnostic test. I started on Ayurvedic Medicines for the treatment of migraine. I have compiled all their suggestions and advice and have been taking medicine regularly as prescribed by Dr. Mallikarjun for duration of 120 days. I am happy to state that I have got good relief from migraine.

I can say with 100% confidence that there is a sure cure for migraine and related ailments in Ayurvedic specially with an experienced and patient friendly doctor like Dr. Mallikarjun. There are a lot of Misconceptions about ayurveda. According to my own experience this is total unfounded. Finally I am very happy the way you treated me and word of confidence and the medicine which are never costly which are with in the reach of common.

Bhandi Bharathi
W/o Swamy, H.No. 154-4-354/4, Prakash Reddy Pets, Mandala Hanumakonda, District Warrangal, A.P.,

I used to have severe headache along with nausea...

I, Mrs. Swaroopa Rani I was suffering from migraine. I used to have severe headache along with nausea. I had taken many other treatment including allopathy and homeopathy treatment. No satisfactory cure was obtained. During 2006 August, I had an occasion to come to know about the treatment of migraine pioneered by Vd. S. Raghavendra Babu and practiced Dr. K. Mallikarjun through a migraine camp organized at Hotel Ratna Warrangal, A.P.

He advised me to change my food habits by a prescribed menu aimed at reducing the acidic into blood by avoiding coffee, tea radically, onions and protein rich rood. I am happy to state that my migraine has been reduced 90% by the treatment. Further I had no severe headaches for the past 4 months.

The treatment provided by Dr. Raghavendra Babu can be considered as a miracle. I hope many migraine patients get to know about it and get by benefited from his treatment.

Swaroopa Rani
C/o Roopa Beauty Parlour, H.NO.7-1-76, College Road, Mammi Kunta, District Karim Nagar, A.P.,

From past five years I am suffering with severe headache...

I am Avinash, native of Warrangal. From past five years I am suffering with severe headache. When I get headache I feel much tensed and initiated and I cant do any work properly. So, when I consulted a neuro specialist in Warrangal through EEG and Brain map analysis he said that the pain is due to headache. And then he told to use meftal, migraine tablets to relief from pain. I was used those pills those pills before four months back. But when I heard that Ayurvedic medicines will cure the migraine completely through my friend Dr. Mallikarjun. So from November 24, 2006 I am using ayurvedic medicines. I have observed that not only the headache problem but also my overweight is also decreasing.

Pain is not that much as before but when I get the pain I used tab. migrainil to immediate relief. I was satisfied with Ayurvedic medicines. As I am getting much relief now with Ayurvedic treatment that I didnt expect. But now I am advising the migraine patients to use this medicines and my sincere gratitude to Dr. Mallikarjun.

Terala Avinash
H.No. 11-25-88, M.G. Road, Warrangal,
Tel.+91-870- 2424753, Mobile: +91-89989 767034 E-mail: avinash.nepun@gmail.com

I am suffering from migraine headache since four years...

My name is Setu Laxmi resident of Warrangal city I am suffering from migraine headache since four years it was very acute and upset mental tranquility. We undergone treatment from eye specialist psychiatrist and there after consulted neurophysician and minimized to some extent TIZATAN-10 was prescribed for emergency use.

I came to know about a meet on migraine treatment appeared in newspaper and contacted Raghavendra Babu by a call. He advised to consult about Mallikarjun locally treatment we had from 27.11.2006 for four months even before we also took ayurvedic from Rangacharya and continued for one year.

The trouble first commenced with not less than 10 times in a month and remained for one or two days. After commencement of present treatment with Dr. Mallikarjun weekly once with 2 to 3 hours duration gradually minimized for duration of 10+15 days. There was also some period where there was no trouble at all we are still continuing treatment.

I am very much thankful to Dr. Mallikarjun for such a good medicine by which lakhs of migraine patients be cured permanently, I advised all the patients suffering from migraine to undergo this kind of treatment without any second thought. Yours faithfully

Setu Laxmi
W/o Narasimhan, H.No. 11-232-591/9/B, Navayuga Colony, Bank Colony, DSPT Road, District Warrangal A.P.,

From last six years I am suffering with severe headache...

I am Uma Devi, native of Warrangal. From last six years I am suffering with severe headache. Through EEG and brain map analysis I came to know that it is due to Migraine. But when I get pain I used sleep for at least 6 hours. Due to this I cant handle any work properly . A neurosurgeon in Warrangal suggested me to use Meftal 500mg and other tablets. I used those tablets to relief my pain for immediate effect. But before three and half months back I heard that migraine can permanently cured through Ayurvedic diagnosis. So Dr. Mallikarjun suggested me to use the Ayurvedic medicines which will cure migraine. I am using Ayurvedic medicines from 3 months but due to these medicines from last 3 months I observed that there is some gradual decrease of pain during in my diagnosis period.

Now also pain is coming but not as much as before. But I can say that Ayurvedic medicines are helping me a lot. I was satisfied with Ayurvedic medicines.

This Ayurvedic medicine is better for the present day mechanical life. I have never seen this type of medicine ever before. But this will be effective when this will spread to all. So, I will be part of that to spread this medicine. And thanks to Dr. Mallikarjun who has given be advice for my pain and to my diet.

Terala Umadevi
H. No. 11-25-88, M.G. Road,Warrangal,
Tel. +91-870-2424753 Fax: +91-870-2420294 Mobile: +91-9989767034 E-mail: avinashterala@gmail.com

I had been suffering from migraine for more than thirty years...

I wish to inform you that I had been suffering from migraine for more than thirty years. This used to lead to a lot of suffering, pain and discomfort which in turn had affected my personal life considerably. I used to feel despondent and irritable all the time. This used to occur four to five times a month. My professional and personal life had been affected drastically due to this. Unable to bear this severe pain, giddiness and vomiting I had sought the services of an allopathic doctor. Though the medicines he had prescribed were expensive, they had severe side effects on me such as uneasiness in the stomach, tiredness and lethargy. Due to this I was unable to carry out any of my daily routines properly. Fortunately I saw an advertisement in a leading newspaper regarding your treatment and I contacted you and registered my name for the seminar conducted by you. As prescribed by you I took the treatment for nearly 100 days.

Now I find that after taking your medicines I am completely cured of my migraine problem. I must also thank you for providing me with medicines which are affordable to a common man like me.

I request you to kindly continue with the good work being done by you so that several other people affected by migraine can avail of a proper cure.

By E-mail

I used to get headache in childhood...

My name is Mamatha, aged 33 years, a housewife. I used to get headache in childhood. Later on I used to get headache 2 or 3 times in a month, I used to take tablets and the pain used to decrease. I also had vomiting during the headache episode. In 2003, I started developing severe headache. I also had headache at night during sleep. Even on medication it was not subsiding. I started developing headache daily. It was associated with burning sensation in stomach, pain in neck and back portion of head. I also could not tolerate sound and light. I used to get very angry. I also developed gastritis.

Then I consulted Dr. Gangadhar who was a physician, he told me I was suffering from migraine. On his prescription I was on Samproz, Ciplox, Nexpro, Indira, Sibelium tablets. I used to consult the doctor once in a month. Later I put on weight and became fat. I was on medication for 2 months but found no relief. In November 2005, I saw the article in Vijaya Karnataka daily newspaper on treatment of migraine by ayurvedic and allopathic medications. Hence I came to Bangalore and met Vd. Hiremath, he asked me to consult Vd. Sunil Kumar at Tumkur. I consulted Vd. Sunil Kumar and decided to take ayurvedic medications. From December 2005 to April 2006 I took the medication properly according to his advice. He asked me to stop sour foods, coffee and tea. He advised me to maintain a balance in food. During this, I used to get headache sometimes. Now, since 1 year I have stopped the medications but from then till now I did not get migraine even once. I have no vomiting or acidity also.

On the whole I have no attacks of migraine at all. Ayurveda has no side effects and is the best medicine. For the people who have migraine I give a humble suggestions to take ayurvedic medications. I am very grateful to Vd. Sunil Kumar and the ayurvedic medicines for curing my migraine.

Mamatha C.S.
W/o Mahesh S. ,Laxmi V enkateshwara Krupa, 5C Cross, Near Ganapathi Temple , Devarama Pattana Main Road, Prashanth Nagar , Tumkur-572104
Mobile: 9343081884

I am extremely glad to express my perspective about the Ayurvedic treatment for migraine...

At the very outset, I am extremely glad to express my perspective about the Ayurvedic treatment for migraine. I am Ms. Prathiba S, aged 16, I have appeared for X Board Examination [CBSE] for the year 2006-07 in T.V.S. School, Tumkur.

At the age of ten, I started experiencing severe headache regularly. Almost everyday I had headache of high intensity accompanied by throbbing, pain in the eyes and near the eyebrows. I used to have an unilateral pulsating headache with a feeling of heaviness in my head. Due to this severe headache I couldnt concentrate on studies, especially during class hours. It was acting as a stumbling block to my studies. I found it very difficult to stay in the sun or in a noisy place for a long time, as my headache would get more intensified. My worried parents took me to various doctors like the physician, neurosurgeon, orthopedist, ENT, eye specialist and dental surgeon. I underwent various treatments, but they did not have a lasting effect. I only got temporary relief, in no time my headache would start again, subsequently, I developed nausea. it took more than three years to trace that I was having migraine.

Eventually, after undergoing various treatments from various doctors, I had lost hopes that my headache ever had a solution. Then my neighbors suggested me about the Ayurvedic treatment. I thought I would just give it a try. I consulted Vaidya Sunil Kumar in Tumkur for the treatment of migraine. He boosted confidence in me, saying that my headache would definitely be cured, but that wasnt an easy task. I had to strictly diet for 4-5 months for an effective outcome. In the beginning, for about two months, I didnt find any difference. However, the frequency and intensity of my headache gradually dwindled. Out of the blue, I used to get headache. Finally the day arrived when my treatment was completed. I got rid of MIGRAINE, thanks to Vaidya Sunil Kumar for having relieved me from headache through Ayurvedic treatment.

Today, I am on cloud mine, after getting relieved from migraine. I feel more energetic and enthusiastic in my day to day life. personally, I feel that Ayurvedic treatment for migraine is a slow and steady process, but really effective.

It is an ultimate remedy without any side effects, provided that diet is followed strictly. I owe my deep debt of gratitude to the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Prathibha S.
D/o Mr. Shankar Rao , ’Prathibha’, #733 ,Behind Industrial Estate, Vidyanagar, Tumkur-572 103
Ph:-0816-2283105 / Mobile:-9449185285 Email:- s.prati@gmail.com

This is not a fiction but a real life experience ...

This is not a fiction but a real life experience that I would like to share with one and all.

I started getting headaches when I was around 18 years of age. What followed was a long painful journey for the next 25 years !!The efforts that I put in to get cured touched almost all branches of medicine, homeo, ayurveda, allopathy, magnetic therapy, accupressure etc. etc. not to mention the trips to various astrologers seeking solace in my life. But it was all futile until last june when I was made to read a newspaper article on Dr. Raghavendra Babu by my friend which initially I kept aside as I had lost faith in everybody around me. But on being persuaded by my friend, I got in touch with this doctor and the treatment was started in last June.

The allopathic drugs like Treptomer, vasograin, Inac, Ciplar, Flunarin etc to name a few were like my second course of food which Dr.Babu asked me to take along with his medicines for the first two weeks after which these drugs were gradually reduced. With slight changes in my diet coupled with his medicines, things slowly began to change. The no. of attacks which was like 2 - 3 times a week earlier came to 2 - 3 in a month. The intensity of the attack which had forced me to take recourse to Inac injections every 5 hours now almost became a rare feature and within 2 months after the treatment I was slowly getting convinced that some miracle indeed was taking place and that my suffering was soon going to end.

Now it is 6 months since I have stopped all medications and I have not got that kind of an attack even once !! Life looks so wonderful to me now without the agony and suffering.

I am extremely grateful to Dr.Raghavendra babu for giving me a fresh lease of life. I sincerely pray God to give him more and more strength so that he can reduce/eliminate the suffering of many more people in our society.

M K Chandrika
202, Aishwarya Gardens, 40th Main, SBI Colony, I Phase J P Nagar, Bangalore - 78
Tel : 080 / 265 45 933

Now I am free from Headache...

Now I am free from Headache may not be 100 percent but definitely 90 percent...

I am Lavanya .K, aged about 35 years, by profession HR Manager. I had been suffering with server headache for last eight years. I tried whatever people suggested me. I visited many hospitals but nothing worked out. My main motto was that I should be able to get rid of these headaches. In that situation I got the number of Vaidya Raghavendra Babu's through some source.

I visited his hospital at Bangalore. I was examined first and then treated accordingly. I felt ok in the first level of treatment only. I felt the wonders of the treatment in the third and forth level of treatment. Headache was gradually reducing. Now I am free from headache may not be 100% but definitely 90%. I crossed the hurdle of headache through Raghavendra Babu Treatment. I will take the opportunity in this open forum to thank Raghavendra Babu's for this treatment and efforts put in to understand the mindset of the patient and giving solutions accordingly.

Ms. Lavanya Naidu
390/B1,Hongasandra palya, HAL, Bangalore-78
Mobile-9741176890 email-lavanya.naidu16@gmail.com

We all have lost our hope and thought we would have to endure this agony forever...

*We all have lost our hope and thought we would have to endure this agony forever.*...

My mom Mrs. Indirani Arivalagan has been suffering from migraine since she was in her teens. She used to get intense and excruciating headache during the migraine attacks that would last for several hours or sometimes for even couple of days. During such attack of migraine, she always had pulsating pain on one side of the head for several hours. The pain would be so sever that it would wake her up from deep sleep. She got highly nauseated and sometime vomit during the attack. For several years our family has consulted many doctors, but no treatment could relieve her from getting migraine.

Last year, my mom started getting Migraines more often -- several times a month. This affected the quality of life for not only my mom but also for our entire family. We all have lost our hope and thought we would have to endure this agony forever. Fortunately, one of my relative recommended us to Dr.Raghavendra Babu. He spoke in volume about Doctor's successful treatments. My mom and my dad traveled from our home town -- Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu, to meet Dr.Raghavendra Babu at Bangalore in the last week of June 2011. After talking with Doctor we got some confidence as we came to know that doctor had cured many complicated migraine cases.

Along with medicines, doctor recommended and guided my mom for a complete lifestyle change including changes in food habit and sleep cycle. Ever since, my mom has been religiously following Doctor's recommendations. Within* Two* *months* after the start of the treatement my mom started seeing positive changes in her migraine attack pattern. In the past *Four months*, my mom has had fewer attacks than she used to have in single month before the treatment. My mom and we have full hope that my mom's migraine problem will be greatly controlled forever. We attribute my mom's improved health condition and our families confidence fully to the excellent treatment provided by the Doctor. In additional to the treatment, we highly admire the commitment, the personal care and the emotional connection that the doctor maintains with his patients and their families. On behalf of our family, I would like to thank Dr.Raghavendra Babu for all his support and treatment.

Detroit, Michigan, USA.,

Miraculous cure of my Calcific Chronic Pancreatitis by Ayurveda...

My name is Gopal Mehtani. Now, I am 45 year old and live with my family in Ahmadabad. I had been a heavy smoker for twenty years, consuming twenty cigarettes a day. I was also fond of very spicy non-vegetarian food and alcohol. My body weight has reached to eighty-five kg at this time. In August 2003, my age was 34 years, when for the first time, I developed severe pain in my upper abdomen and back with frequent vomiting. I consulted Dr. Haribhakti, a surgical Gastroenterologist who made a diagnosis of Duodenal Ulcer after carrying an endoscopy and started my treatment accordingly. Though, I stopped smoking, I continued taking alcohol during this treatment. Meanwhile, I travelled to Delhi to attend a marriage party where I became seriously ill with severe abdominal and back pain with vomiting. There, I was hospitalized for fifteen days and I was diagnosed as a patient of Acute Pancreatitis . Later, I visited Hinduja Hospital in Bombay who confirmed the diagnosis of Chronic Pancreatitis and my treatment was started for the same at Ahmadabad under Dr. Vijay Mehta, M.D. (Med.), D.M., DNB (Gastroentrology).

However, I had no respite from the episodic attacks of vomiting and abdominal pain. By this time, I had lost nearly Twenty kg weight in seven months (March 2004). At this point, some cysts also formed in my Pancreas. I was again admitted in hospital for fifteen days and all the cysts were drained out. But my problem continued to persist. Lastly in December2004, I was brought to Dr. Randhir Sood (senior gastroenterologist) at Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. There I underwent ERCP and stent was placed in my Pancreatic Duct. This treatment kept me well until August 2005, when I suffered with another attack of Pancreatitis. My stent was removed and the diagnosis of Chronic Pancreatitis was re-established. I remained asymptomatic until March2006. This time I visited Delhi to attend a business exhibition and this stress caused another episode of abdominal and back pain. I consulted Dr. Sood in Delhi who again induced ERCP stent. He also found some calcification in my pancreatic duct and made the diagnosis of Calcific Chronic Pancreatitis. The whole family was frightened with the progression of my disease and they took me to Asian Gastro Institute in Hyderabad for expert opinion. There, another stent was placed in my pancreatic duct in September2006. This procedure was also short lived and I suffered with another attack In November2006. I was treated with a new stent at Stephen Hospital, Delhi.

By February 2007, my condition had worsened further. I had experienced several attacks in last four years in-spite of getting best treatment in India. My body weight had reduced to forty eight kg with an aggregate loss of Forty three kg in total. I had also become very weak physically and mentally and was not able to carry my business activities. Apparently I had lost all hopes for my life

At this crucial juncture of my life, my uncle Mr. Nanak Jaisinghani from Delhi introduced me to Padamshri Vaidya Balendu Prakash, who asked me to attend his clinic in Dehradun for one month. I reached his residential clinic on 24 April 2007. There, I was treated with some of his ayurvedic medicines with three meals and three snacks in a day and complete mental and physical rest. At the onset of ayurvedic treatment, my body weight was Forty five kg with elevated Serum Amylase (514U/L) and Serum Lipase (2127U/L)

I experienced wonderful effect of this treatment on my body. Within days, my appetite improved. I started feeling lightness in the body and gradual gain in body weight. I returned back to my home from Dehradun on 23rd May2007 with one month medicines and continued this treatment for Eighteen months regularly. During this period my weight increased to Seventy five kg.

I am still in contact with Vaidya ji and his associate Vaidyas at Dehradun. I also take these medicines occasionally for a short period though I dont have any symptom of the disease. I did not experience any side effect of Ayurvedic treatment. I run my business and lead an active life in Ahmadabad. I am very grateful to Almighty and my Uncle Mr. Nanak Jaisinghani for introducing me to Vaidya Balendu Prakash. I have no hesitation to state that I got a second life through Vaidya Jis treatment. He is like living God to me. We, all family members, term the entire episode, as a miraculous cure for Chronic Pancreatitis.

Gopal Mehtani
Ahmadabad, India
Nanak Jaisinghani, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India

I had been a chronic alcoholic for 25 years...

I had been a chronic alcoholic for 25 years until I developed deepjaundice in May 1999. I was taken to PGI Chandigarh where I wasdiagnosed for Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis with endocrine andexocrine insufficiency witha mass lesion in the head of pancreas and stricture in common bileduct. Here, I was treated with IV fluids, pain killer and antibiotics.

I remained well for fifteen months.

In August 2000, i suffered with acute pain in my upper abdomen whichwas radiating to back with strong nausea. I was treated locally by agastroenterologist with I/V fluid and pain killer for few days.Afterwards,I used to have continuous and dull pain in my back andupper abdomen with an unexplained weakness and gradual weight loss.This all affected my quality of life badly. I was admitted intoAIIMS, Delhi (CR- 639186) from 13/02/2001 to 28/02/01. The CECT andMRCP of abdomen re confirmed the diagnosis of chronic CalcificPancreatitis. I was treated with Pain killer, antibiotics and IVfluids. At this juncture, I was also recommended for some surgicalprocedure which I refused and came back to my home town in Jammu.

Meanwhile, I heard about Vaidya Balendu Prakash at Dehradun. Icontacted him and reached to his clinic on 21/04/2001 in a shabbystate of body and mind. My body weight was reduced from 68 kg to 55 kgand I had become an insulin dependent diabetic patient.Vaidya ji treated me with some dietary and life style modificationsalong with his own prepared medicines calledKamdudha, Amar andHigwasthak Churna.

I responded well to his treatment from the day one and gained 3.5 kgbody weight within six weeks of Ayurvedic treatment. My daily insulinintake also reduced to 36 units/ day from 42 units/day. My weight alsoincreased to 62 kg after one year long continuous treatment.

Now, I am 58 years old and I have completed twelve years afterAyurvedic treatment. My health is good and I didn't experience anypain or discomfort afterwards. I didn't feel any adverse effect ofVaidyaji's treatment.

I am very grateful to Vaidya Balendu Prakash and his team.

Jagjivan Malik
Jammu - 09419140401

Her miraculous recovery from Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis...

She was admitted at Moulana Hospital, Perinthalmanna in Mallapuram, Kerala. There she was diagnosed for Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis after undergoing many investigations including X-RAY, ultrasound, CT scan of abdomen. She was treated with IV - fluids and painkillers and responded well. She remained asymptomatic for next two years. In year 1997, she again developed severe pain in abdomen with vomiting and substantial weight loss. She was hospitalized, received IV fluids, pain killer and improved. However, within a fortnight she again suffered with pain abdomen of same intensity and hospitalized for IV fluids and pain killers. But the frequency of attacks increased further in next two years. She used to spend 10-15 days every month in hospital and had nearly thirty attacks of abdominal pain. She also lost overall 20 kgs body weight during this period.

At this juncture she was referred by her treating gastroenterologist at Maulana Hospital to Vaidya Balendu Prakash and admitted under him at the Ayurvedic Research Unit in RCC, Trivandrum, Kerala on 3rd October 1999. She was pale, weak with only 30 kgs body weight and having unbearable abdominal pain (score 60%). Her X-RAY abdomen dated 6 October 1999 showed multiple opacities suggested calcification in pancreatic region and Ultrasound abdomen revealed enlarged pancreas 27/20/80 mm with irregular margins and multiple calculi of various sizes seen in head, body and tail region. She showed dramatic improvement within first week of Ayurvedic treatment and gained 1.5 kgs body weight with no pain. She continued Ayurvedic treatment since April 2000. During this period,She gained 12 kgs weight and remain asymptomatic.

Now she has completed 23 years after the stopping of Ayurvedic treatment. By God grace, She is doing absolutely normal without any sign and symptom of Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis. We are extremely thankful to the management and doctors of Maulana hospital for referring us to Vaidya Balendu Prakash. July 22, 2013

+919747625970 (Palakkad)

I resume butter, ghee and fried food again...

I born in a middle class family in Agra. We are strict vegetarian, non tobacco and non alcoholic. I lost my father when I was eleven years old. He was a teacher and my mother is a housewife. I started earning from the age of fourteen due to financial constrain by giving tuitions in my home town. When I turned nineteen I developed anorexia (loss of appetite, indigestion, weakness and gradual weight-loss). Local doctors treated me for digestion with enzymes, vitamins and anti-amoebic medicines. Those had partial impact on my health for a while. But I continued to lose more weight and also developed continuous pain in the middle of my back. On the advice of Dr. Mukesh Garg, a renowned surgeon of Agra, I underwent ultrasound of my abdomen on 30 Aug 2011. The tail region of the pancreas depicted irregular outline with multiple small calcifications in the parenchyma.

He told me that I had been suffering with chronic pancreatitis and prescribed Panilipase with each meal for rest of my life. I read about this disease and was very scared as chromic pancreatitis (CP) could be lifelong treatment and it may be life threatening at any point in life more over there was no known cure for that.

Somehow one day I read a story of a patient on internet who had CP and recovered completely after undergoing Ayurvedic treatment from Dehradun based Vaidya Balendu Prakash. I contacted his office and reached there on 31 March 2012. I was examined by Vaidya Naveen Sharma who prescribed me three types of ayurvedic medicines with certain dietary and life style modifications. He stopped all ongoing allopathic medicines. There was an instant relief in my back pain within a week time after this treatment. I started feeling energetic as well. Now I have completed one year of ayurvedic treatment. During this tenure, I received treatment periodically from Vaidya ji's clinic. Now I feel absolutely normal and carry all duties. I didn't experience any adverse or side effect of his treatment. Today I am happy as Vaidya ji has stopped my treatment for CP and have asked me to start butter, ghee and homemade fried items. I hope that his treatment will help many others in coming future. July 22, 2013

Akash Pachauri
+919917569117 (Agra)

Living second life........

I born to an Agarwal Hindu family on 15 October, 1981 in Delhi. I have one more brother and sister. I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University, year 2001. We are pure vegetarian, and never used tobacco and alcohol in our life time. We always used home cooked food.I was quite healthy until I attained the age of twenty years, when in April 2001 I suffered with acute viral hepatitis (Jaundice). That subsided in thirty days with rest and home medicine. Later, in January 2005, there was a sudden onset of acute pain in the middle and upper part of my abdomen associated with bouts of vomiting. We consulted our family physician that made two unsuccessful attempts to control the symptoms by injecting many pain killers. Finally, he referred me to the emergency of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi which is the nearest specialty hospital from our house.There I was treated with pain killers and antiemetic medicines to control pain and vomiting from 14/01/2005 and underwent CT scan and blood test that revealed elevated Amylase (860 u/l) and mildly bulky pancreas with fizzy outlines. I was put on IV fluid, antibiotics and pain killers for five days. Afterwards I was discharged with tablet Zenteel, Rantac on daily basis. I recovered well. In October 2006, once again I had sudden onset of abdominal pain associated with vomiting and severe constipation. My family took me to Dr. Rakesh Tandon, a senior consultant gastroenterologist at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute for Liver, Renal and Digestive Diseases in Delhi.

I was put on liquid diet Tab Pan 40 mg 1BD, Tab Tramazac 50mg thrice a day. I responded well. At discharge, I was given a prescription consisting of tablet Creon 10,000 mg twice a day, Pan 40 mg 1OD, Tab Neutrosec 2 BD and Tab Tramazac 50mg SOS for two months with strict semi -solid diet. I continued the above treatment until April 2010 and was symptoms free during this period. At this point, I again developed acute abdominal pain with raised Lipase (261u/l), Amylase (433u/l) and uric acid 8.3 mg/dl. Now we consulted Dr. Randhir Sud, a MBBS, MD, DM, Gastroentrologist at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon. He reconfirmed the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis and advised me to do complete mental and physical rest. However in April 2010 there was a severe epic gastric discomfort and pain associated with vomiting. Lab investigation showed amalayse 395 and endoscopic ultrasound established the diagnosis of Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis. The doses of Creon was increased to 25000 tds with meals along with Pantocid 40mg od, Ultracet sos and Zevit one cap od. However, in August 2010 there was another severe attack of abdominal pain with vomiting. There was also steep rise in the lipase (1957u/l) and amylase 279u/l. I was put on IV fluid, Pain killers and no oral feeding. Dr Randir Sud also explained to my family about the limitation of ongoing treatment, prognosis and suggested long term treatment of steroids. After all pros and cons my family decided to look for an alternative treatment as I had continuous discomfort and pain in abdomen.

After deliberate search we found some information about Dehradun based Ayurvedic physician, Vaidya Balendu Prakash (Vaidya ji) through our relatives who was successfully cured by Vaidya ji for Acute Pro-myelocytic leukaemia, a type of blood cancer. I attended the clinic of Vaidya ji on 17/11/2010 at Dehradun as indoor patient for initial two weeks. I was put on three meals and three snacks oral diet with his own prepared ayurvedic formulations consisting of AMAR 125 mg TDS and Hingvashtak churan 1gm TDS during meals. Within seventy two hours of this treatment, I felt big relief in my abdominal pain. My appetite improved and there was a gradual and overall improvement from November to February. I gained four kg body weight as well which had come down to 59kg from 85kg in last few years. In September 2011 I had a setback in my health due to some physical exertion caused by a tragedy in the family. I was again admitted at Dehradun for five days treatment (regulated diet, lifestyle and medicine). I had a instant relief and I came back to Delhi with ayurvedic treatment which I continued until May 2012. During this period I had been leading a normal life. This time I had developed sudden loss of appetite, frequent nasal allergies with fizzy liver. Vaidya ji treated me with one of his own prepared herbo"mineral formulation called IMMBO for eight months. That made me symptoms free. In May 2012, I developed constant fever with severe body ache. The blood reports revealed presence of Typhoid. Vaidya ji put on NAVBAL RASAYAN 250 gm TDS with honey for six weeks with milk and fruit diet. I became normal.

In August 2012, I again felt constant pain in my lower back. Laboratory investigations revealed high ESR. A PET scan dated 12-09-2012 showed FDG avid (SUV max " 9.0) enlarged bilateral cervical and necrotic mediastinal lymphadenopathy and FDG avid lytic destructive lesion in L4 vertebral body with anterior epidural soft tissue component. It was diagnosed as Chronic Osteomyelitis. However, there wasn't any trace of CP at this time. Vaidya ji prescribed me NAVBAL RASAYAN 250mg four times a day with honey for first 30 days and later NAVBAL RSAYAN 250mg thrice a day for five more weeks. A follow up MRI dated 12-12-2012 showed marked/significant improvement. And a total dissolution of my disease was seen in next MRI dated 18-03-2013. My ayurvedic treatment was stopped at this time. Today I am disease free and totally symptom free. I can perform all my duties. During this period I did not observe any side effect of ayurvedic treatment. July 28, 2013

Ankur Aggarwal
+919810662633 (New Delhi)

Back to normal after ayurvedic treatment but phobia of pain still haunts........

MM* is a 39 year old married male from Delhi. He had off and on digestive problem but always improved with home remedies or simple medicines. However, He experienced massive pain in his upper abdomen with many vomiting in August 2000. The family admitted him in Jaipur Golden Hospital at Rohini under Dr. S.P. Demble. He was treated with IV fluids, pain killer, antibiotics and antacid for three days. The laboratory investigation showed elevated serum amylase in his blood. Here, for the first time, he heard the word of Chronic Pancreatitis (CP) in his life. He remained well for 18 months and in January 2002 while he was visiting Moga (Punjab).

Once again he had severe pain in upper abdomen. This time he was admitted under Dr. B K Goel at Apollo Hospital for three days and improved after receiving IV fluids, painkiller and antacids. Later, he experienced six more episodes of CP between January 2003 to July 2011. During these years he was treated by renowned gastroenterologists at Apollo, Fortis and AIIMS, Delhi. By this time he lost 14 kg body weight and developed profound weakness at mental and physical level. At this stage he was referred for Ayurvedic treatment by one of his neighbor and he was admitted for first few weeks at Dehradun on 22nd August, 2011. He has completed 2 years of ayurvedic treatment with substantial improvement at all levels. The last MRCP dated 6 May 2013 still shows signs of CP. However, he is clinically asymptomatic with no adverse effect of ongoing ayurvedic treatment

MM(identity hidden)