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M.R.P. ` 630
(MRP : 699)

Ayurvedic formulation for liver disorders- documented to be the world’s most potent hepatoprotective formulation

  • Potent hepatoprotective and anti-fibrotic agent
  • Strong anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties
  • No significant toxicity or side effects
  • Rapid resolution of acute viral hepatitis

Prak-20 contains well thought-out, researched and balanced 20 ingredients, prepared by heated oxidation to give you the Worlds Most Potent Hepatoprotective formulation


One capsule three times a day

Pack Size:

30 capsules

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M.R.P. ` 927
(MRP : 1030)

Iron deficiency gives rise to symptoms such as fatigue, reduced physiological endurance, and decreased cognitive performance. Ayas is a 100% natural formulation of processed iron and revitalizing herbs, which fights fatigue, increases strength, stamina and keeps you energetic the whole day.

Ayurvedic energy booster to fight fatigue and increase strength

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Enhances energy levels

100% natural formula to help you fight fatigue and make you feel energetic the whole day


Adults - One capsule twice a day, after meals or as recommendedby the healthcare professional.

In case of anemia, Ayas can be taken along with Numax, for better results.

Pack Size:

30 capsules

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M.R.P. ` 810
(MRP : 899)

Majority of existing formulations for anemia contain primarily iron salts, which may cause GI (Gastrointestinal) side effects and are not suited for individuals that lack iron tolerance. A complementary approach to therapy is to enhance the absorption of iron, rather than merely increase the quantity of iron in the diet. Numax is a 100% natural herbo-mineral non-iron containing preparation, which is free from elemental iron and works by enhancing absorption of iron thereby counteracting nutritional anemia.

A revolutionary Ayurvedic treatment for nutritional anemia that does not contain elemental iron

  • Increases hemoglobin and red blood count
  • Clinically proven
  • Well tolerated
  • Keeps body healthy and fit

[Trials conducted in collaboration with ICMR and AIIMS prove significant improvement in hemoglobin in patients suffering from nutritional anemia ]100% natural formula to enhance the absorption of iron and achieve maximum results in counteracting anemia


One capsule daily before meals

For better results, Numax can be taken along with Ayas

Pack Size:

30 capsules

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M.R.P. ` 360
(MRP : 399)

Kidgrow is a natural appetite stimulant that boosts appetite and metabolism. It is a 100% natural formulation of plant extracts and salts of different origins. Kidgrow is an effective appetite stimulating, weight-increasing drug with extremely good tolerance. It can also be considered in cases of persistent anorexia.

Ayurvedic appetite booster for kids

  • Stimulates appetite
  • Promotes growth
  • Aids digestion
  • Destroys intestinal worms

100% natural way for kids to grow and increase their appetite


Children below 12 years - One tablet three times in a day, 15 minutes before taking meals

Children above 12 years - Two tablet three times in a day,15 minutes before taking meals

Pack Size:

90 tablets

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IMMBO- It is a judicious combination of 18 herbs and Mandur Bhasma. The randomized controlled clinical studies have demonstrated that Immbo is 4 times more effective in comparison to Levocetrizine in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis. Immbo does not have any type of sedation on human subject. It is a fast acting medicine for acute and persistent allergic rhinitis.

Qty : 10 sachets Dosage : 1 sachet thrice a day Price : ` 116/-